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Sunday, May 20, 2012

2 month round-up

Tighten the bootstraps - here we go...
The Easter Bunny came...
Well..not THE Easter Bunny, but luckily he lent us his costume and our little friend up the road filled in for us.
AND the bunny brought CheeseBalls.  
CHEESEBALLS - has become the holdsworth "gift of choice".  The kids have all asked for cheese balls for their birthday and Sheri and I are fighting over who gets to give them some :)
(p.s. Easter Bunny stuff Saturday morning makes for a beautiful wonderful Sabath Day to celebrate the Savior's resurrection and a very Happy Mother.)

AND moms don't have to do their hair or get dressed when the bunny comes!

End of the bowl of jelly beans.

Favorite Family Foto EVER. One shot.  Timer on the porch.  Happy Easter!! (and no Dad, I didn't get my shoes off of a munchkin.)
We're going to the about you? you?you?
Walked the neighbor/friends' dog - or rather the dog walked us...

Found out we had 2 days off of school - I called people up and said "let's get the heck out of dodge!" (it was the bitter end of tax season and I knew we wouldn't survive useless days off of school - of course ALL the boys chose to ride with Kris)

Sierra Prieta outlook

Best Friend - on vacation home from her castle


Double rainbow??!!! What does it mean???!!

Tax season trip in Sedona - hiked Cathedral Rock, biked all over and had ourselves a wonderful time.

If we had ONLY known we were sitting on a vortex we would have gathered MORE ENERGY!!! (we found out the next day when we asked where the vortex was on our bike ride)

Sedona Memories Sandwich shop 'nuff said.
Bless the poor old hiker who didn't know how to use the camera phone
And finished off in the cool Oak Creek
After 20 years - Matt finally was able to walk into Rene's and eat dinner (with his wife...not his prom date 'cause he needed a little more moola back then)
Hiked Bear Mountain in 2.5 hrs - almost killed us :(
Had a cub scout cook out

Rode in our first ever Whiskey Off-Road (15proof - 20mi ride)

This killer shot made the promo slideshow - ha!! or should I say "WHeeeee!" nerd...
Next year I'm going to make a killer gnarly face... :)
2 weeks after the race...Whiskey Row caught on fire...and I guess the thing to do is to head downtown and watch everything burn!?
more hiking...
Ella has a certain effect on boys and their clothes...(and can I get a "holla" for the awesome picture-perfect pose that they did for the camera/phone?? I mean a few inches and the picture would be tagged unusable!?)
This is Bridgey "pre" 6 stitches and at least covering the family jewels - stitches games after from showing off his awesome scooter-skills for El...must be her killer locks that made him perform so. 
Indy and his buddy Connor don't seem to be taking their Living Statue Museum very seriously.  Indy was Nolan Ryan - you pushed the red button on his glove and he told you all about his famous awesome accomplishments.  Connor was Obama...I have no idea what on earth he had to say when you pushed his red button ;)

Clayton was very informative - Dali

BEST Mothers Day weekend EVER! Shopping...and not knowing where to look at the camera?
Kathy bought herself a phone :) (we tricked her into helping me pick out a phone cover - and she picked hers out without knowing...then we told her to go pay for the phone Tia just signed her up for!! Thats my idea of a gift) 
Hiked Camelback with Josie, Tia, and Ashlee (Tia changed her mind about how dumb it was to hike 10 minutes into it...and then beat us all up - can I get a J-lo pose? Thank you.)  

After hiking - eating cupcakes is on the itinerary. 
And posing for miss Amanda K.

Matt found some special people to ride near Snowbowl with him
Let's do an Ella check-in with clothes this time

And here we go - baseball season!!

My Pig-Pen...slides into EVERY base.  Tried bleaching the pants for 2 days.  Didn't budge - who makes white baseball pants?? and who buys them for their son??

I love the gestures - these little guys crack me up

Snack bar = happy children...Gpa with cash = happy mom

Indy went down swinging
But it was his buddy Ryan who took him it wasn't so bad 

Then he took the mound -
And got his jitters out -
Then killed it.

Solar Eclipse 2012
We made a pinhole camera - but the shot didn't come through, then I showed the kids they could just cris-cross their hands and still get the same effect...I also told them earlier not to look at the sun - which they all promptly ran out and did while I was getting the pinhole/cardboard rigged up - then they ran back in and told me their eyes were just fine and they could still see...
So then I informed them the blindness takes up to 4 hours (truly - no lie) and Laina burst into tears and started hyperventilating and panicking that she would wake up in the morning blind :) (truly - no lie).