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Monday, November 30, 2009

Holy CALORIC Intake! - Year of the MOTHER part 11 about gut-buster....fat pants wearing holiday.

We had a great time basking in the gorgeous Phoenix weather with Matt's oldest of oldies brother - Jon. He hosted us beautifully...and provided a wonderful location for the family to descend upon. I brought sweet potatoes by Nic (I swear you will never EVER think of sweet potatoes as a vegetable EVER again after eating that dish AND I made it my mission to convert everyone at dinner to be a sweet potato eater - I think I was 100% successful - young children not included). I also brought stuffing - which I love to make and love to eat and think that my family would be happy if we just had a big bowl of stuffing to eat for dinner - it has sausage and nuts and celery and cherries and all around yumminess. We spent the night there and the little boys got to hang out with Grantos in the "MO-HO" (motor home)...I was surprised that the little girls were able to leave Grant's side. He and Ian played with the kids all day long. I promised them that when they're adults :) and have children of their own that I'll step it up and play with their kids so they can take a break. (I hope I remember ;) Since the kids got in sooo much awesome playing time - I'm counting it as my "Year of the Mother - Part 11" (yes...we're getting desperate about pressure mounting...I see Christmas lights and Christmas trees up and decorated and I start having some anxiety shakes!).

So all in all, Thanksgiving Day was full of football games (I got in on the huddle), food, video game DELUGE and tons of family pictures! I also stumbled upon the 3 sections of our Holdsworth Family - The OLDIES, The MIDDLES, & The LITTLE'S.

I now must move on to Friday. Black Friday. I have never ever ever ever ventured out on Black Friday. I usually hide in my pajamas all day long (don't worry I did that on Saturday). But for the first time in my life - I found myself awake at 5:45am (okay...who am I was more like 3:30am and on) with a little baby who was NOT going back to a house FULL of sleeping people. SO. What do you do on Black Friday when you're awake at 5:45am and nothing to do - nowhere to hide? You pack your precious bundle of joy up (how are they so happy when they've been fussing since 3:30am???) and get in your car and just do a drive-by of Old Navy. It looked nice and empty so I went for it. I walked out around 7am...picked up breakfast for everyone (ANOTHER YEAR OF MOTHER - Part 11) and walked back in the door about 8am and started the morning wake-up--its just not fair that all those teeny-boppers get to stay up late and sleep in! And that completed my first (and probably last - because I'm sure I'll be sleeping next year) Black Friday.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I am a Turkey...

10 pts. if anyone can name the movie....
Need more lines? I am a turkey...kill me (then burst into song "eat me---its thanksgiving day...")

Laina had her Thanksgiving Day program at school yesterday. Last week she came home and said she had to face the most embarrassing day ever because a girl at school wouldn't be one of the turkeys and so SHE had to be a turkey. The turkeys run across the stage and say "gobble gobble gobble" every time the narrator said the word turkey. It was cute and it made me laugh and I had awesome pictures (I brought the big daddy lens so I could get some awesome shots - sure parents probably thought I was a freak...the kids sure did - one kid standing by Laina said "woah! woah! that's a big lens :) made me feel happy...but now I'm sad since I just wiped my card out and thought I had saved them - so no images of the little turkey girl.
Back to the when Laina informed the family of her role as turkey, Matt and I about freaked out (in a good way)...both of us were campaigning for her to break from the pack of turkeys, grab the mic, and say "I am a turkey....kill me." (Mom, don't freak...its from a movie...and its a favorite line in our no CPS.) Then we promised her extra bonus points if she'd start singing the song. She refused. Flat. out. refused. not exciting. She informed us that the stunt would cost her big time busting at school...Mr. Kotter's office. We shot back that it would all be worth it (plus the unlimited playdates and cash money we were willing to throw in) - so totally worth it...what's one day in suspension for being able to pull of such a classic Thanksgiving moment???? Oh well...we tried.

Speaking of there a hotline/helpline or something for stressed cooks the day before Thanksgiving?

My sister needs it (we're at 6 calls and its only 1:30pm.)

Monday, November 23, 2009

NO more FLOUR.

We had a little roll making demo this morning (trying to channel susie homemaker) and the theme was "QUIT ADDING MORE FLOUR". That's it folks...that is the secret to making great rolls. Leave the dough sticky - have a little faith :) (I'm sure there's a lesson in there somewhere) and quit adding will end up with melt in your mouth rolls. This applies to any roll recipe you use. I documented (roughly, with flour on my hands and finally handed the camera to Sheri to finish :) for my sister. Now that I'm uploading the images I realize that I forgot to show you how to cut and fold. Oh well...use your imagination.

The dough is sticky - it will not completely pull away from the sides...just trust me. Follow the recipe exactly. Do not experiment here.

This is how gooey it will look after its mixed for 10 minutes.

Let it sit for 10minutes (yes that's all you need.) Cover the bowl with a towel. It should look like this. may add a little flour. I threw a bunch of flour on the table and covered my hands with it. I pulled half the dough out and worked the flour into it.
Watch out for these guys...they like to eat the dough...put dirt on the dough...and paint the table with melted butter.

Roll the dough out...thicker for big rolls...thinner if you have lots of little kids who will only eat half of their precious mouth-watering roll.

Here's the part I skipped. I use a circle biscuit-type cutter (you could use a cup). Cut a circle and fold one-half in and then the other...Lay the roll seam-side down. Here's how the look after sitting covered for 20 minutes.

And after 16minutes of baking, take a stick of butter and run it over the tops of 'em (the girls talked me into doing some cinnamon rolls...yes they were killer.)

Now...stick the Rhodes rolls back in the freezer - these babies take 2.5 hours from start to finish (that's less than the Rhodes ladies :)
Roll Recipe:
In small bowl put ½ cup of very warm water and 1 tsp. sugar. Mix water and sugar together. Sprinkle 2 Tablespoons of yeast (I prefer fast-acting). Get all the yeast wet.

Let Rise.

In mixer, Mix Together:

1 ½ cubes melted butter
1 1/3 cup hot water
½ cup sugar
2 tsp. salt
2 eggs
3 cups flour (this recipe uses 5 3/4 cups of flour – other cups added later)
Mix on low for a few minutes or knead. When the yeast has risen add it to mixture.
Add 2 ½ cups of flour.
Mix on low for 10 mins. (Wipe sides)
Let it raise for at least 10-20 minutes.
Sprinkle flour on counter and put flour on hands - grab 1/2 of the dough and Roll out. Cut with biscuit cutter or cup. Fold one side then another.
**Preheat oven to 350.
Place on large cookie sheet. Cover with cloth and let rise about 20 minutes.

Bake at 350 for 15-20 mins.
Please post your success stories!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Aunt Meggy - please BLOG ME.

I rarely get asked to do this (normally it's the opposite - I think my friends live in fear of my camera :)...but my little niece Ellie (bo belly, fee fie felly) asked me if I would blog her when she was here last. (Who knew I had such young readers?! I must add that Ellie does not always like her picture to be taken so I was a bit shocked.) I wasted no time grabbed my camera and headed out to the front porch and started snapping. Ellie has an older sister who DOES like to have her picture taken, so she got in on the action as well...and of course little Laina - Ellie's homegirl couldn't be left out. Ellie, please do not fret...Laina would never play that funky music with anyone but YOU! We love & miss you girls - now let your mama enjoy her images and you go shake your groove' thang.

*Since I'm such a totally awesome aunt who got right on the ball and didn't let these images sit for 2 months on her computer causing her sweet little niece to do daily blog checks for the "hypothetical" 2 months - I made sure she got a lot*

And last but not least...these girls doin' their thang....

And poor little Grantina going along with their silliness as always.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Roll on over.

Failure in the kitchen? Feeling blue about the inability to master the blending of flour, eggs, butter, yeast and water? Failed attempts at drawing out the "susie homemaker" bringing you down? Well Bruce- don't be down!

ROLL ON my house on Monday morning and I'll walk you through setp by step of the dreaded Thanksgiving ROLL.

Yes. I'm dead serious. After about a hundred failed attempts at making delicious rolls like my MIL (Lynda) makes...I forced myself to figure out what I was doing wrong. (It was that or be traded up for a 20 cow wife--I'm about 19.5) I conquered my enemy and feel pretty confident that I can now do it blindfolded (okay maybe I'd need just one eye out.)

Anyone and everyone is invited...just email me to let me know you'll be here. (Sheri you can take the notes back to Taylor :)

Monday morning, 8:45am. My house.

Bring yourself and a bit of an appetite to feast on homemade rolls...oh! you might want to bring some Christmas catalogs to browse during the short rising periods :)


Twilight Premiere, Woodland Hills, CA
Chicago Tribune Red Carpet photos...Court on #42...see if you can find him.

Court has a pretty cool job - at least everyone in the world but Court thinks so.

No. I will not ask him to get an autograph for your pre-teen daughter.

He tried to make me feel bad...texting me about his 81.5 hour work week during the "New Moon" and the "This is It" premiere.

Sure its hard traveling to Cannes and strolling down the quaint little streets. Its hard handling the "talent" at the 4 Seasons...and the PR for the international premieres of 2 of the biggest shows this year. Stress check. I'm sorry....I'm getting distracted...let's just get to the proof shall we? David always does a great job at playing "find court" in the paparrazi photos. Here is my fave (there were a total of 5). (Why so serious????? This is no JOKE here - its work....really really hard work.) And NO...I don't know who the dude front and center is.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Some helpful hints for the Toddler in your life:

1. NEVER give options for mealtime.
i.e. MOM: would you like mac 'n cheese?
TODDLER: NOOOOOOO!!!!! AGGGGHHHH!!!!! WAAAAAA!!! (toddler falls on the floor writhing)

2. NEVER cut, touch or handle toddlers food in front of them (this must be done secretly before setting the plate in front of them)
i.e. MOM: here, let me cut your sandwich
TODDLER: NOOOOOOO!!!!! AGGGGHHHH!!!!! WAAAAAA!!! (toddler acts as if he's just been impaled)

3. NEVER inform toddler of "nap time"
i.e. MOM: okay buddy, we're going to have "quiet time" in 5 minutes
TODDLER: NOOOOOOO!!!!! AGGGGHHHH!!!!! WAAAAAA!!! (toddler screams with huge tears streaming down face - confirmation that nap time should've begun 10 minutes earlier)

(image taken at back to school barbecue at Behn's...shaving cream fight - Mac did not think it was fun...not one bit fun.)

Sleep is TOTALLY overrated

My new mantra.

Just throwing this out there....why is that after hmmmm 4.5 months of not sleeping, the ONE night that your baby does sleep, your 3 year old walks the house screaming and wailing at 3am? You would think that story ends with....and wakes everyone, including the baby, up...right? WRONG - baby sleeps through it!! But, mom wakes up and then spends the next 2 hours waiting, wondering WHEN the baby WILL wake up.

She doesn't, until....(I'll let you's 6:30am and she's still sleeping)

Let the Sun shine!

Okay it's not that miserable of weather in Prescott...just a tad bit cold - but my poor sister was saddened by the cold front that moved in yesterday and I remembered my beach pics that I never posted - saved for the perfect rainy day. This is for Matt and Tia, who both think that the beach is where it's at.
(Every year I brace myself for Matt's extension to the Disneyland trip. I'm ready to pack up and head home...but not Matty - he's just getting warmed up and you know - we HAVE to suck every possible minute of fun out of the weekend.) Santa Monica is Matt's favorite beach place -not so much mine...its like a mile walk to actually GET to the water...and I'm not really that in to "carni" stuff, but life's about compromise RIGHT? - and yes, I'm just giving him more proof that the kids enjoy it and we have a good time.

Check out his shirt...nice :)

PROOF .... I was there...

MATT's dream....

So, in my best "Sue Sylvester" voice I say, "suck it up ladies and quit your cryin'....winter is on her way." That's how Megan "c's" it.
*Reasons why I am NOT Sue Sylvester:
1. My hair is way cuter AND its brown AND I tuck mine behind my ears and keep the neck shorter.
2. I am so WAY nicer than her! I would never tell a man with curly hair that he's sporting some jerry curl perm. Although this line taken from her facebook page is right up my alley: Health insurance is for the weak. I perform all my own medical procedures.
This SUE comparison is right up there with the "kate" from Jon minus Kate! Just because I have short "Ellen-esque" hair - - -I'm going to seriously have to think about extensions.
...however I reserve the right to dress up as SUE for next year's halloween.