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Monday, March 28, 2011

35 miles.

The exact number of miles left in your car when the gas light comes on (or your husbands car). This is not good when you're in the middle of the desert in high heels and nylons. However, I blessedly coasted to a stop exactly parallel with the first RV on the outskirts of Quartzsite. And yes, I hiked across the desert to knock on several RV doors until one nice couple gave me a ride into town. I wish I had been brave enough to take a self-portrait as I set out across the desert in heels - what a site. You'll have to forgive me...all I got was an after-shot of the shoes... and an unfocused picture of the pump. My husband wisely remained silent when I told him about my predicament. I should say he remained silent via phone and text and bid me good luck. Of course when I finally was back safe at home - he did say this would be a good parody of my life. I have no idea what he was alluding too...

Monday, March 21, 2011

Belated Birthday

My little brother Jace has the misfortune of celebrating a birthday the day after my husband. You think this would help me remember it - however I have to insert the fact that I suffer from memory loss (both short term and long term - no it hasn't been clinically diagnosed but when when things fly out as fast as they fly in there has to be a problem. I have forgotten my sisters birthday - on more than one occasion - which is 4 days before my own...) The memory loss isn't just with birthdays - its with grocery items - church stuff - children...just kidding.
So back to little brother Jace - who is living his dream down in Southern Arizona - riding a horse (with spurs - not flip flops) for 10 hours a day - he swears he doesn't walk funny - and the fact that he had to call ME over a week after his birthday so that I could wish him a Happy Day was a bit pathetic. So I promised him I was going to give him a picture that would make him smile...yesterday...then I forgot :)

Friday, March 18, 2011

March Madness

Please forgive me for the BLOG BINGE I'm about to embark upon...
It is no secret that around here our lives revolve around tax season - I kept waiting this year for the proverbial "tax shoe to drop" and when it did it dropped HARD. I decided that the fact that we can forget the previous season and even "romanticize" how easy it was - allows us to keep putting ourselves through it (that and the fact that it provides a roof over our head and food on our table). It could be compared to child birth and pointing to the obvious - people have more than one child shows that they too forget the hellacious nature of labor.
However, I will not be deterred any longer - single parent or not...I'm digging myself out of this documenting deluge and instead of breaking it into little pieces its getting lumped together. I can only handle Ella and my house falling apart for today - and today only. The other spring break children have been given free range on all electronic devices - use 'em up 'cause school starts Monday and it's back to the amish-lovin way around here.
So here we go. Let's start it off with our quick trip down to Yuma (seeking sunshine again...) and our Grandma Great. We took some Jode-esque pictures surrounding Grandma Great with lots of love (and dirty children).

We also got our very own pick of the lemons...did you know that you can wash and freeze whole lemons (this comes in handy when you're needing lemon zest and have none!)

Smacky tried to do some juggling..
Then it was on to our Gangsta' Golf party for Matt. Don't ask me why it was a gangsta golf party other than the cake... And I have no idea why my idea of a birthday party consists mainly of all the food aspects...favorite breakfast - the kids got to skip lunch at school and take their dad out to eat - then favorite dinner (normally it would've been chicken piccatta but we had just had it so on to his little Russian Borscht - if you're lucky I'll post the recipe...some day...)

And of course a sign...what party would be complete without a sign?
And then on to the birthday missions. He had to golf one-legged and one-handed. Then he had to write his name 37 times and do 37 jumps. Then he had to finish off with pinning the tail on the dog Indy drew.
We had to pause and give Laina a lesson on phone etiquette...
We were attacked in the middle of the missions by a baby chucking golf balls...and thinking it was hysterical. She'd chuck one then run in and get another...she fired off 2 before we could catch her.
Next up was the fairytale ballet. I had these grand dreams of taking Laina and having her leave wanting to be a primo ballerina. When we drove off she informed me that ballet is "not for her". Crushed. Oh well - at least we had fun with all of our girls and the ballerinas passed out suckers before the show started...AND they let the little girls come on stage during intermission to dance with the was way cool.

Nikki and I had a fun time reminiscing of our ballet days. She was Clara - I was a soldier...she was Peter Pan...I was John...and I remember having to wear dorky glasses like these:
We had a family bowling party at the Big Brothers Big Sisters Bowl-a-thon. Probably the most expensive bowling party my children will ever get to be a part of :)
I'm guessing he got a strike?? I'm digging through my old pictures to find the one of me as John-boy...

For Spring Break we slipped away (without Matt crying too much) and headed to Flagstaff for a bit of a break.
At the Rec Center the kids were able to do some awesome rock climbing.
This little gal here kicked tail - she kept going up and up and up...I literally had all the kids packed in the car and was waiting for her to come down...who knew she was so gnarly?? She totally showed the boys up..

Had a little hair appointment with my super adorable (available) niece.
Uncle Timmy took the boys on a horse ride.

Then Tia told me to get on - so on I did and had a quick little gallop...if you look close you can see the dust flying (I'll admit to hanging on to the saddle with the other hand :)
And speaking of is it that my sister ended up with surrounded by horses and the girl (me) who seriously thought that santa would bring her a horse...don't ask me where he was going to put it...ended up in a neighborhood surrounded by people??

Then we topped the spring break off with a little party for the soon-to-be-opened Captain Crossfit. The kids had a blast and I received my first sunburn of 2011...on the back of my knees.
Speaking of Crossfit...check out this killer ad for the upcoming games:

I was so bound and determined to get this posted yesterday - it took me exactly 25 hours to finish this puppy. I gave in to the screaming kids and messy house. Sheesh!