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Thursday, April 4, 2013

82 wpm

For those of you "in the know" you'd recognize wpm and immediately be thrown back to your middle school (jr. high) typing days.  WPM stands for Words Per Minute.  Last night Indy was telling me about his keyboarding class at school which brought back wonderful memories of my own "typing" class - a class where I reigned supreme in the Typing Hall of Fame.  Yes my awesome score was 82wpm.  Indy was intrigued and told me to follow him to the computer where he logged on to his school account and set up a little typing test for me.  I took a deep breath - debated backing out - then said "all we go".  When I was finished the score flashed up ......


Heck yes I did a massive victory dance around my boy and made him bow down and worsh-- just kidding but I did have him smiling big in awe of his mother.  Which made me think it's a good day when parents can put their kids back in line - show them how it's done.

So I told the story to my mother who was visiting here and no sooner had I finished the story then she told me about HER mother (Grandma Great) who threw down on a 100wpm.  100!!  Talk about being set DOWN.  I vowed right then and there to beat my 80-something grandmothers' record (life is long...perhaps next years resolution??)  She managed to finagle a scholarship with those awesome typing skillz and a wonderful job after high school.

Sometimes however - kids manage to put parents in line.  

Thank you lovely phone photo
Indy had a huge interactive body museum project due this week.  He teamed up with a partner and they put together an interesting "game".  Their subject was tendons and ligaments - so they thought they would strap huge pvc pipes to their legs (behind their knee caps) to give the feeling of "life without tendons and ligaments".  Then they bubble-wrapped the ends of two small pvc pipes to use as weapons and made a game of the first one who able to turn around, pick the weapon up (remember they have no tendons and ligaments in their legs because of the pvc impediment) and then smack the opponent - WINS!  

When the other parents and I first saw this demonstration we just stared blankly for a moment - then both inquired "what's the point"?  We were so lost as to how they were teaching about their subject and left the room assured they were going to BOMB.

Fast-forward to the day of the interactive museum.  As it turned out the boys had a massive line the ENTIRE time.  Non-stop beatings and kids lined up to experience life without joints and tendons.  I just sat there stunned.  Speechless.  Amazed.  They actually were extremely successful.
Sometimes kids can show their parents "how it's done"....

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Google Apps is a joke.

So the new blog address is

I have been blogging a lot lately.... in my head.

Matt had a birthday this past month...the kids (sans LainaDee) helped me take a photo and then cut about 25 of them up and we stuck them EVERYWHERE for him to his shoes, briefcase, laptop, phone, get the picture.  It made us all laugh.
I made him a lovely butterscotch cake and my attempts at decorating were so ridiculous that I just "owned" it and kept the whipped topping that exploded out of the piping bag and made a smiley face.  Why do I think I'm capable of turning out baked masterpieces??

We spent spring break hanging out at Indy's fort...
then packed Indy off to Tia's and went and played in Henderson with cousins.

And practiced our hanging L-sits

Indy opened a savings account - to fill with all the money he gets from his dog walking and office cleaning.

Had a great birthday for our buddy Tony with the 5am wrecking crew

Laina scored big on her character and worked a double-action character award.

Laughed my head off at the dyed hands...and a few eggs too...oh and swimsuits in March - it was so warm...a whopping 65 degrees.
Speaking of laughter....I found my new calling in life - "The Grand Master of April Fool's Day".  I had a blast...and laughed my head off as I saran wrapped the faucet (NO not the toilet - because that would be ME who would have to clean it up) and taped the light switches and toilet papered my kids to their beds and drew mustaches on them - it made me HAPPY...not sure what sort of sick person finds this day to be in their top 3 of the year but...
my kids enjoyed it...and Matt was on to us by the time he discovered the shower year I'll be much better.