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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lehi Reunion 2010

We journeyed up to Lehi, UT last weekend to join Matt's family in fun festivities. There's enough pictures that I'm sure they speak for themselves (I intend to have one big fat blog book :) However a few major points on the Lehi party (1) fish fry & potatoes (2) parade with a LOT of the end no one even gets up from their chair...if the candy doesn't land in your lap - forget it...not worth the effort (3) rodeo (I stayed home with babies) (4) Utah has the greenest grass - when we stopped in Kanab, Laina said "wow! look at this grass! how did it get to be this color??" Poor prescott girl :(.
Now let's start off with my reason for traveling - food...this is a shake from Emmitt's...a bit different than the usual massive fruit overflowing shake they used to have...but still good (unfortunately I ate the 4 cupcakes from dippidee's without taking a picture - but not to worry...I made myself space them out every 2 hours :)

Mike always comes unknowingly prepared - ripe with "camera fodder"

We only had 2 teeny boppers this year...but they were out in force.

Holdsworth Family Legend here...."Billy Buck" Bill Buchanan...sunk like 50 times in the pacific (okay I think it was 3)...we love him dearly.

What did I say about this image (I'm on 2 in one week)??

Hey kids...let's take a picture!!

Forget it...not worth it

Oh look...Ella attached to my leg - her favorite position.

The ONLY boy at the reunion - Grantos we miss you!!

Ella was in heaven...these girls just pushed her around the sidewalk all day long.

Poor Matt....strapped with a crazy.

We went on an expedition to Eureka, UT to visit where matt's gma ETTA was born and raised...she was a triplet, but only her brother and her survived - 3-4lbs. The hospital is no longer there, but there was a marker.
Matt's aunt Louetta
Possibly the BEST event of the whole trip...on the way up it was pretty rough...lots of screaming from the Kay-Kay...but on the way home she figured it out.
(my image by image commentary is cracking me up...trying to get through the mounds of images I have to post! We get to do this again in UT in 2 weeks with my family. We watched some old home videos of Matt and his family growing up and I can't tell you how absolutely priceless those times were...for me and my children to see Matt young - so grab your video camera or camera and take some pictures - they'll be the most valuable thing you have 20 years from now!)


Check out us Rusties (notice I prefer not to think of us as Uglies? I thought Rusties was much more appropriate) - we made our annual pilgramage to Flag for the one nighter...home by noon the next day.
I'm starting off with this image of Matt - the subliminal body language is "I'm not having fun...not one bit fun! and I'd rather be golfing!" Needless to say we averted world war III - Matt is always a good sport - and had ourselves a good time - and yes...the 20 kids packed on the quad is probably illegal.

NINJA-JEDI breakfast.
( Whitny snapped this of Laina Dee dirty as can be!)

I'm going to start keeping track of how many pictures of this I have in different times and places:

Laina is still buried in her bag somewhere...Ella and I had a rough night as always...good thing I don't go camping for the superb sleeping!

My friend Whitny was playing around with time/shutter release and she got these wicked cool pics of me (and yes we had to do it like 10 times)!