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Friday, September 28, 2012

Run it till empty...

Just making sure I use every last drop before I pull over and fill up. 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Washington D.C. - LDS Temple Wedding - Briana & David

 I think LDS Temples are some of the most incredible, beautiful architecture on the planet.  The Washington DC Temple ranks pretty high on that list... The architect who designed it - knew that the light would hit it the temple in the late afternoon and make the spires glow - it is a sight to behold.

 The other sites to behold....
David & Briana.  We had a "first look" the evening before their sealing.  It was wonderful, and calm and peaceful.
 A few last minute touch-ups before he's greeted by his Bride.
She had some last minute touch-ups too...

They are a beautiful couple - who has waited many many MANY moons for this day to arrive.  Briana is one of THE most talented homemakers on the planet (lots extreme statements here today) I only know this because she would transform my house, my children, my life at times when I was so desperate for help...she is a miracle worker - and pulls off the whole bride thing beautifully too...

Right as we were leaving the skies darkened and the temple seemed to glow even incredible!

The next day was a beautiful sunny day - perfect for a wedding.
Plenty of adorable kids hanging around - waiting for the happy couple to exit the temple...

This photo is quickly gaining notoriety - for its hidden message(s)...can you find them?

 Ode to American Gothic....

 Her sisters were so stinkin' cute (they also have raised my children) and don't be fooled about them letting their sister have her "day"...
 They couldn't help it!
After the temple everyone headed over to a lovely little French restaurant for a luncheon...Briana did make it to the car...unscathed :)

Their photographer dressed herself in pink to match all the decor (and because it was toasty - and she had to hop on a plane right after the luncheon!)
Best wishes Briana and David - you deserve all the happiness in the world!

Monday, September 3, 2012

4th of July weekend - outtakes

The photos that either weren't that pretty or didn't paint a pretty picture...
Matt had a 20 year reunion.  This was the extent of it.  
This was how we should've celebrated his 20 year reunion - and then went to dinner.  I was able to meet his best friend (for the 2nd time) and all his kids and his sister Janie's kids.  We headed to the Lava Tubes...yes - with all these kids :) and of course everyone in this picture is pretty - I just think its hilarious that Ryon and his wife and a few of his kids didn't want to stand close to the rest of the group!
Snowbowl SkyRide - awesome
Purple hoodie - AGAIN...I promise I do have other clothes...
Not fun freezing
Please just pose with me??
Coloring at the base of the SkyRide

Makeup application

Mac and Carter...betting each other about escaping capabilities...Mac lost
Mac?? Carter??