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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day - 2012

Even as I make note of this I'm still unsure, and like most of the nation, will be glued to the news starting at 6pm to see how the night plays out.  This is THE most tightly contested presidential race since 1968.  

We are truly a nation divided.

My heart is somewhat heavy with the dawning realization that this race will come down to a Mormon winning in Ohio.  OHIO.  Anyone who is familiar with Mormon history will recall that Ohioans DROVE the Mormon's out of the state... {sigh}

I want to go back to the MTV days of "rock the vote" and happy energetic people at the polling places...and Jack in the Box!!  I always associate voting with Jack in the Box (even though I opted to make whole-wheat apple carrot muffins for my kids instead) - my parents would get us up early and take them with them to vote - then we'd stop off at Jack in the Box before school - see?? Fun for everyone!!

We took the kids downtown to the courthouse square last night - on the eve of the election to see Sen. McCain and the Senate hopeful Jeff Flake make their traditional final campaign stop on the steps of the Prescott courthouse.  We had a good time - Indy learned the true meaning of the story of the good Samaritan (lots of homeless around the square) and McCain yelled back to loud annoying protesters to "shut it!"  He said he was too old to put up with jerks anymore, but even jerks were allowed to come to the courthouse... 


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sweet Mama

And sweet baby...

Friday, November 2, 2012

Megan = Beautiful

It HAS to be in the name right??  At least, that's what I told myself as Megan and I wrapped up a fun-filled photoshoot... However - I think it might be her eyes...her personality...her zest that shines through...all those wonderful things that when combined make up beauty, for there is no denying that she is... and was a pleasure to photograph.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

I can't believe it worked...

Of course - bribery helps...A LOT.

Yes - children should be ecstatic to have such an awesome mother who cooks up hair-brain ideas, but my children always seem to chicken out at the last second and stick a bucket on their head for a costume (next year and every year after I'm ok with that idea) - BUT I had this locked in my mind for a year and it required SERIOUS commitment to pull it off.  I don't exactly have cooperating children come Halloween time - hence a monetary bribe.  Seriously I think I got off lucky considering what I asked them to do...

Naturally we had to prep them and WATCH the movie first.  No Johnnie Depp here - 100% politically INCORRECT (with its use of actual "little people" and harsh/somewhat crude rhyming and dance moves) Gene Wilder version for us.  We also had to recruit...Mike TV and Veruca were awesome.
and our OOMPA LOOMPAs were BRILLIANT!! they were such good sports...but let's not forget our tiniest one..
I was absolutely shocked that she went through with it...but she saw the boys and was ALL in (she was able to be a pumpkin fairy for school - complete WITH wings this time so she didn't have to freak out about NOT being able to fly - and being forced to walk everywhere...)
The whole GANG...complete with Willy - he was great..he limped everywhere he went.
Camille-y is our olympic gymnast
and LA-LA-L(uc)y stopped by
and 3 gorgeous musketeers
Willy led the charge leading the troops up and down Mt. Vernon

We had our resident Ninja on hand
and his brother from another mother 
found ourselves the most adorable flapper (her sugar daddy was such an awesome sidekick...I wish I had a pic of Bart and her together!)
and what would Halloween be without a batman?!
THIS whole idea began last year after McLaren got sunburned (or anytime he over-heats) and everytime I would look at him with his little white eyebrows, I had an Oompa Loompa flash across my in true self-esteem building fashion I showed him what an oompa loompa looked like and the rest is history.

stealing candy and solving the worlds problems

Lucy is always "camera" ready...Ella is always "candy" ready

This house was wonderful!  The had a massive tub of candy (there's a LOT of people that hit Mt. Vernon)
They even had a piano player on the porch

After we ended our loop - we all sat down for a nice little snack..

Ella's crazy eyes and Bridgers in the previous post just show how DONE the little ones were...that was a LOT of walking!

We didn't have quite enough sugar - so we decided to wash it all down with a little more!
BUT we ended on a good note.  When we got home - Indy told me that he was totally surprised by how much fun he actually had.  I told all of my children last night "I have paved the path for you to know how to have a fun Halloween - now go forth and find your own costumes for every Halloween after - 'cuz I'm done!!"
**AND Happy Birthday to my 65yr. old father (these photos count as part of your popcorn/jerky gift), my ??yr old Aunt Alisa, and my 8?yr old Grandmother who is home safe and sound :)