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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Crossfit Games - Day 1

I know I have loads of other posts from this summer, but really it all comes down to this awesome weekend. We've been at the beach for a few days and now we get to enjoy the 2011 Crossfit Games. The first day was wonderful - it started off with a "surprise" 210 meter swim on Santa Monica Beach a 1500m beach run, 50 pull-ups, 100 pushups and 200 squats ending with a 1500m beach run.
We were a bit surprised at the turnout at 7am but loved how everyone got into it...(play where's Waldo with Matt & Tia)

Then we headed down in the afternoon to the Home Depot Center where my mother was sent a text message/picture with the words "no excuses".
We all have our favorites at the event and mine is Annie. (Her last name is Thorisdottir and she's only 21 and she's from Iceland :)

Lucky for you I can show you a proper clean and jerk from beginning to end...and if it just so happens to be with Tia's favorite for the games then...

And finally we'll finish with Ray's favorite and the winner of the 2009 games...
More to come...
And since I know you're all dying for up-to-date info you can stream it live from your phone or computer at

Monday, July 25, 2011

Still not back...

Switched our venue...enjoying the final week of our summer at the beach.
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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Out of the office...

Headed to havasupai baby!
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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Indy - 10

We packed up and headed north for the final week of birthdays.
Indy-the oldest & the last- was still able to have his paintball party - we just had to recruit a few willing participants (paintball-another item I can now check off my bucket list.)

We start with presents the second they wake up. My niece Annie helped me make a big candy poster that I didn't get a picture of because the kids had ripped all the candy off 2 seconds after reading it...but it was pretty clever.
The paint balling was gnarly...and Indy was so beyond excited. We recruited his little buddies Max & Morgan to help us well as Uncles Ray & Mike & cousins Leah & even little Annie (after some good coercing).

My favorite picture of the the shoes. I happened to show up with flip flops...flip flops and paintball turf is not a good idea...but our team did win capture the flag several times - even when Matt took me down with a paintball to the back of the head. Isn't that lame to shoot someone retreating??
Best. Cake. Ever. (Indy chose strawberry with strawberry filling...a little odd flavor choice to be housed in such manliness...)
And speaking of manliness...the curious George monkey pinata was a hit! Only in Utah can you pick up a pinata at the grocery store.

We had a great time (especially with the cousins & Indy loved teasing Annie with the pinata more than he liked hitting it :)

Indy is our team leader - especially in school. He loves his sports & his army/history channel. He takes good care of his littlest sister (which he balances out with teasing and scaring at other times).
And he just returned from a weekend at the All-Star game with his Dad and had a great time (although Matt said playing Uncle Johnnie's video games may have topped the list.)

I'm so glad that we are birthday party free for another 2 years-until Laina hits the big 10...yippee!!

Tiny Two

The littlest caboose just broke through the 2-year old barrier. I have to say it was nice to throw a cupcake in front of her and sing Happy Birthday and say "woo-hoo" and call it a day!! :) (awful I know...but the cupcake made her happy...)
My favorite thing about The "El" is her insistence on being picked up by saying "I. Hold. You."
She's a strong minded gal who knows what she wants and doesn't waste an opportunity to tell on her siblings (mainly Mac - and everything is stressed nice and slow so that I won't misunderstand anything especially "Mac. Hit. Me.")
One of our sitters taught her to say "Hey Girl!!" and wave and it seriously makes me laugh.

Love that little love chunk - she has everyone wrapped around that stinkin' cute finger (and she knows it too.)