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Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I've never had so many boys show up to a shoot! We started out with one and then after he left 2 others showed up! I told her I was going to post all the ones with the boys in it...she didn't seem the least bit disturbed!!! We had a great time and the "boys" weren't too distracting! She did show up in my favorite color (yellow!) so we were like two little rays of sunshine bobbing around in the fall colors.

Pumpkin Guts!

Okay I didn't get pictures of McLaren actually chucking the pumpkin at everyone because I had to set the camera down to stop him and take him to bed, BUT I did get a nice hand off of pumpkin guts to his brother, that was right before he figured out he could chuck it at his brother...who ended up with it in his hair. Matt came home and made us all design a face on paper and then we had to vote on which face got ended up looking like our fake one already on the porch...oh well...we tried.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Crystal Blue

Color of her were those babies poppin! As was the fuschia sweater (lovin' the color...can't get enough of it). We had a great time and a volleyball even made its way into some of the shots...since she's headed to New Mexico next year to play (woo hoo!)- we thought it was only appropriate. And speaking of volleyball -- a fellow volleyball friend (I think I've just about shot most of the PHS volleyball team :) mentioned today that she was dying to see these pictures....I'm wondering now if she figured out that hers were next in line so the quicker I got done with these...then I could move on to hers????? (kidding)
Obviously we survived Disneyland...and I haven't had a chance to go through the pictures yet...but we had a BLAST! 1 word... RideMax....

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Mom & Dad, 2 Kids, 1 horse, 1 "porsche" and 3 dogs

Lovin' it....the location (even under construction) was incredible...I can't wait to get back once its finished! (hint hint...nudge nudge...) I wanted to show the "village people"/under construction shot, but had to save it for a christmas card...I'm not sure there was one more animal we could've fit in :) and p.s. a "porsche" is a pony/horse....(learn something new everyday)

Disneyland here we come!!!! We're headed off for a much needed family vacation to Disneyland. It worked out that its my dad's 60th birthday on Halloween so he "volunteered" to take us for his birthday present! (and of course there will be some lovely home-made birthday cards as well :) I haven't been in about 14 years...I think I'm the most excited out of everyone.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Mom's favorite outfit

So halfway through this session we did an outfit change and she tells me that the second outfit is her "moms favorite"....Man! its a good thing she wore the other one first or we would have done the whole shoot in this second one (kidding of course, but hey - if the mom ain't happy....well you know :) ANYWAY she's beautiful and I've never seen such perfect white teeth (I'll have to ask if there was an orthodontist involved in that :) So I'm posting one for her mom and one for me!

Wind? What wind?

So the weather here took a nose dive of about 10 degrees and the wind got a little crazy on us, but did that stop a wonderful family session? NO. Did a little boy who no longer wanted to be photographed, or look at a camera, or even have the camera pointed in his direction stop us? NO. So, for his mom (who, by the way, can throw a happenin' birthday party - that makes all the adults want to stay and hang out too, and makes me want to have my kids write thank you notes just for being able to go :) this one's for you...ok and I couldn't leave out the Neffinger family tradition.

Mary Mary quite contrary...

How did YOUR garden grow?? Just asking 'cause ours BOMBED! Of course we had help from birds, rabbits and I'm guessing javelina's. Anyway the other day the kids said "mom, there's something in our garden!" I didn't pay much attention until I was out there yesterday and saw a massive carrot top!!! Sweet!! The birds missed one. Anyway I had to document the proof: (along with snow white's help-note the yellow sequined dress :)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

MY Favorite "STYLE"

If I were ever asked what my favorite "style/type" of picture is (obviously I'm not really asked it very often :) it would be THIS EXACT image. THIS is what I LOVE. Beautiful, happy smiling faces, enjoying a totally random moment with children laughing and goofing off....'cause lets face it...isn't that what they do best? Do I care that they aren't looking at the camera? Do I care that every hair is not perfect? nope. Do I care that when someone sees this image, a huge smile spreads across their face? YES. Emotion. Love it. This image TOTALLY brings it. (Oh and it obviously goes without saying that this mustard yellow, blue and brown (who would've thought!) family had a rockin' time at a lovely, peaceful little country club in Gilbert (yes we were hiding when we did this :)

Random Thoughts

A few random thoughts before my next "session" post.

1) We visited my mom and dad this past weekend (well my kids did) and my mother took it upon herself to teach her youngest grandchild (16 months old :) how to was either that or she threatened to find baby knee pads. Anyway after a few minutes with her and my cousin working on him...he walked! (miracle). Well, I'm happy to say, that we are back home on our good ol' concrete floors, with a mom at the computer and baby....dum..da...dum....... in need of knee pads. So----to all of you star children/early walkers/proud parents out there....WE are holding out for crawling into kindergarten! (sorry mom...let's shoot for christmas)

2) Favorite Day of the week??? Mine is TUESDAY...also known as "TRASH DAY"!! I love it...there's just something...I don't know..."cleansing" about the day. I love having empty trash cans, both inside and outside, and thought that it was important enough to share, because I like to find those "little" things that can help make the day a bit sunnier.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Paris....train station

Okay was downtown Gilbert :) But we managed to get our Paris runway (and alleyway--you'll love it), a little bit of cammo AND still let our one and only male dash away for a hunting expedition! (Good thing he was already dressed and ready). But the best thing was once again, another "hot momma" (I swear there's a sign somewhere that says "calling all gorgeous, good-looking, and a tad-bit sexy women--I mean moms!)

Sunday, October 14, 2007

2 Beautiful "little girls"

So from one gorgeous senior to two gorgeous girls...its been quite a fun weekend (and two awesome family sessions as well--coming :) These girls were ready to have fun! I just wanted to take a picture of someone eating an ice cream cone...the only downside to a session with ice soon as you're done with those shots - it has to get chucked! bummer...oh well...loved the shot and loved the groovy texture goin' on (Marsha that was soooo for you -wink...wink). I really should've brushed up on "america's next top model" so that I was on the same level as these girls, but I think I kept up. Thanks again "A" for helping're the best! (water slide helper, baseball player, diaper changer and mac 'n cheese maker). Oh - p.s. you girls don't make it in the "senior"'ll have to look later on in the "children" section of the website! ha ha!!

Beautiful Senior

Oh...we were only going to be able to cross paths at about 7:30am...but we went for it...and the paths crossed absolutely gorgeously (is this even a word?) This senior is on her way back to Oregon and her familys' new bed and breakfast (I do love a good bed and breakfast :)...I told her she reminded me of "bella" from the vampire books...her mother and she and no idea what I was talking about! They seem to be the only ones who weren't "sucked in" by those books...and she's in Oregon...too much of a coincidence! (By the way...the book is "twilight" by stephanie meyers) And the slideshow is on the way!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Little Matty

Sendin' this one out to you babe...(since it's 9:05pm and you're still at the office :) Kinda' sad during deadline time that we communicate best through email...BUT BLOGGING adds a whole new dimension (a bit more "personal" don't you think?) p.s. thanks Taylor for the heads up! p.s.s. remember we bought Rogaine...waaaay too many pills :)

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Finally Fall!

Ok, here's the last of my sessions from this weekend. Everyone is going to want this location and all I can say is.....Flagstaff baby! I think we managed to capture the "fall leaves" :) I know my husband is going to see this and say, "why can't WE have our pictures done there?" (to which I'll reply - our picture's'? our picture will be taken on our front porch with a remote in my hand :) unless I can talk a certain brother-in-law into a little snapshot??? hey ray whatdya say?

On another "Fall" note. I have to state, that first and foremost I'm a summer type of gal, this being said, I will admit that last night I looked outside as it was getting dark and realized it was only 6:30pm! Hallelujah!! One of the few things I like about fall/winter is that I can put my kids to bed really early just by saying, "look its dark outside! let's hurry up and get in bed!"...and they fall for it!

Monday, October 8, 2007


The other day (while sitting at my computer) listening to my oldest son torture my youngest...I yelled out "Indy-Mac"!! And it hit me-we house "IndyMac" (its a bank Tia :) anyway the thought made me laugh...I know I've had to realize that before, whenever a commercial has come on, but it struck me as very funny. So I was telling Matt about it this morning and then thought occurred to me...Oh my goodness...I could offer "IndyMac" LOANS!!! (good for about 3 days...that's all I need) actually, my parents are getting one this weekend! YIPPEE!


I'm so sorry for what I'm about to do! (okay not really) I saw this image and couldn't help was just screaming to be used as the "sneak peek" for this shoot...I didn't even realize until I was proofing that while trying to throw the ball to me, he held it absolutely perfect for this "ad"...not to mention there was NOOOO way I was going to try and pick one from all the gorgeous ones I have (that's right Heather--it was too hard...darn it?!) only have to wait until Saturday morning before the torture ends...and the incredible slideshow begins! And as for "ads"...I refuse to do any more ad campaigns for anyone else (sorry Eddie Bauer I'm booked :) AND gap, Polo, Town & Country(nic), urban outfitters...etc...etc... :)...just too busy...try back later!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Crazy Weekend!

Whew! Sunday night is here...and its bedtime!!! (an early bedtime...its only 10pm). Anyway Laina got to play with cousins this weekend in Flagstaff, and was able to reinforce her love for "bling"--not stuffed monkeys, but makeup and jewelry.

I had 3 shoots-that were ALL awesome (if I do say so myself :) Not that I need proof, but thought I'd throw this up for the momma of 3 boys (age 3, 2, and 10mo...that's typo :) Anyway...sending some sunshine her way tonight...thanks for the workout!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Sister Kate

Kinda like the song on my website eh? Anyway my sister-in-law and her husband are far far away in the land of michigan and she had emailed me to get a picture taken at their going away party (I of course had totally spaced sending it to her). So I found it and couldn't help but post know I'm a sucker for a beautiful set of eyes, and "macky momma" (kin to our "mack daddy") has got some real beauties!

Noble Grapefruit

So my cousins were up here on Sunday and we were talking about candy, and I happened to mention my stash of "gummy candies" (sorry...just writing about them made me have to get up and go and get some) anyway I figured before I showed them were they were hidden, I should tell them "why" I had them. A few months ago my mom, dad, sister and I were in Carmel, CA and the two memorable things about the trip were 1) my sister had to use the restroom every 15 minutes-couldn't even make it through an entire movie! (sorry Tia - it's true-but my husband is the same way) and 2) I'm obsessed with gummy grapefruit candy! We'd be shopping and all I would care about was if there was a candy store nearby so I could get the grapefruit candy (and the gummy apples...not apple rings...just gummy apples). So we go home and a few weeks pass and at an activity we play the game "telephone", and my line was "my favorite candy is gummy grapefruit"...which made my mouth water, and I immediately went home and googled gummy grapefruit (since you can't purchase it in Prescott). Would you believe that sells 5lb bags of grapefruit gummy candy???? And not just the pink, but the white also??? So-since I couldn't decide I ordered one of each! and then for the heck of it, threw in a bag of gummy apples (which have risen to the top of the list since they're the first to be wiped out). So at one point I had 15lbs of gummy candy in my cupboard. I am happy to say that over 2 months later I STILL have 10lbs...I slowly chip away at it...I say slowly because too much gummy results in serious stomach sickness, not to mention guilty sickness when you're sitting in the dentist's chair.

So I tell my cousins this story and at the FIRST mention of GRAPEFRUIT, my one cousin yells "grapefruit!!!!????" What is it with your family and grapefruit?? I wasn't quick enough to follow where she was going with grapefruit, so she reminded me about an event that took place at my home over 20 years ago. It involved my father coming home and saying, "I'm thirsty, and I would love a glass of grapefruit juice". So he loaded all the kids up (5 of us + my 3 cousins) in the red truck and drove us over to the Cook's house (they had huge grapefruit trees in their yard-heck everyone had grapefruit trees in Yuma except for us), and told us to start picking. Only after the ENTIRE BED OF THE PICKUP was full, did we head home. (Care to guess what happened next?) Yep, he pulled out the old metal stand juicer (it was a manual electricity involved here and it was brought all the way from Guadalajara) and told us to get to work...then if memory serves me correctly he went upstairs to take a nap.

So my cousins memory connecting one eccentric (borderline OCD) Noble Grapefruit story to another had us totally busting up...but didn't keep me from nibbling away! (I shared this memory with my father, who of course had NO recollection at all.)

Monday, October 1, 2007

The last of summer

It's been quite chilly around here and even rainy today, but the clouds parted and the sun came out and we had ourselves a little "end of summer - sundress party"...we let a boy and his gun come too, and even managed to get him smiling (although his mom was tempted to get a tantrum going just for some documented proof!)