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Friday, April 30, 2010

Vintage Bridal Photography - Mollie & Spencer - Part 1

Mollie is beautiful.

She brought along a wonderful accessory to her bridal session - her groom Spencer. It was snowing 2 hours before we started. Snow & mud & wedding dresses don't always mix well, but Mollie is a photographer herself and knew to stay calm...and take deep breaths in...and out. Sure it was only 42 degrees...but you'd never know it! All you see is a gorgeous bride & groom, smiling and loving each other. Mollie is a self-proclaimed "purist" when it comes to photography and photo shopping (she even gave me a great tip on the "under eye area" using the patch tool). You'll notice that these images have a bit of a "washed" look to them. It fits Mollie and Spencer so well (okay I had to pop a few...but that was it-only a few!). Fresh. Pure. Simple.

We stumbled upon the coolest house that had awesome sayings painted all over pertinent to the soon-to-be newlyweds.

She had THE most gorgeous bouquet - complete with feathers & diamonds :) The lace on her dress was exquisite, and the flowers and veil in her hair were so chic and stunning.

I promise more incredible details next week - I can't even begin to gush about the flowers & cake & food &... I need to stop - or I'll be here all night!

Enjoy, scroll ever so slowly - and feel free to leave Mollie (& Spencer) some love, well-wishing, words of advice...whatever floats your fancy - they deserve it!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Welcome to my world

I shouldn't be writing - I have 1000+ images to proof.

Matt, the husband, has been battling chronic headaches for the past 15 years. The poor guy has done everything in his power to combat these suckers - he's thrown an anti-dairy diet at em' ...didn't touch 'em. He's done acupuncture...didn't touch 'em. He's tried chiropractic care and massage - all to no avail - the puppies were beating him down. Excedrin was the ONLY thing that would work - and work it did. He had a shrine built to the Excedrin gods in his office - had I known this I would've bought stock in the company that manufactured those pills.

Fast-forward to today. He's so happy to report that he hasn't had a headache in 2 months - and NO Excedrin. He finally saw a neurologist who prescribed some medicine. He is HEALED. Just like that - simple eh? but there's a catch....just a small catch - appetite stimulant :) After all these years, the man who could take 2 bites of a burger and stop eating 'cause he was full (who does that??) has now entered my world (similar to that on Glee where everyone looks like food) and I'm rather enjoying it - Welcome to my World.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Hours old.
The newest addition to the Whetten clan. (Don't worry - there are plenty of beautiful portraits of him...but once the session was done and I wrapped him back up 'cause he was hollerin' like a banshee, and I laid him on his momma...the screeching stopped. Just stopped. No binky - no bottle - no nothin. It was too precious not to post this final image - I guess those Mom's are around for a reason :)

Normally I'd space my posts out...but I fear that once Monday rolls in and I hit the ground running it'll be Friday by the time I stop :) and I have too many precious images that I NEED to share, that I MUST share!

Ella - 10months

I would like to point out that I had NO idea we would be surrounded by gorgeous pink flowers...such a LUCKY coincidence eh?
What a rascal.
She is quite a cutie and a very VERY good baby. She braved the weekend with her mom and dad and didn't make more than a peep. We were stopped by every single (no exaggeration) person that walked by, and showered with compliments on her supreme cuteness (I know bragging is lame, but c'mon...a mom's gotta bask in it while she can....pretty soon they'll be telling me that she's biting their kid or we're going to brag for now :)

*crawling (bookin' it when you try to catch her!)
*twists out of EVERY diaper change (I've already had to start pinning her down)
*drinks from a straw (and screams at you to give her a drink)
*after multiple ear infections...finally getting some good sleep
*says "hi" in the sweetest voice
*throws down on a mean ol' POINTER finger
*tucks away some serious FOOD
*Shakes her head back and forth and has everyone busting up little class clown :)
*Loves to boogie on down when she hears any music

Sealed the Deal.

It's official. They "sealed" (get it??) the deal. And it was the most perfect weekend ever. Mollie and her family thought of every little thing imaginable to make for an incredible wedding and reception. I took lots of notes - and LOTS of many that I'll have to break it down into two parts. We even had to stop on the side of I-17 and snap a few images of the incredible YELLOW wildflowers (along with several other foreign speaking tourists!)....I wonder if Arizona Highways takes wedding submissions? :)

Yay!! for Mollie & Spencer (and their families) - and a huge thank you for letting me share the weekend with you.
(On a side note...the way her dress falls in the image below...isn't it incredible??!!)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Spring is here! HA!

Happy Friday! We woke up to a winter wonderland and I couldn't help but snap a picture...however there is no need to worry about your weekend outdoor plans - 3 hours later and it's all melted off... gotta love spring in prescott! back to laundry and dishes and diapers....and why is it that I always think I'll have plenty of time in the morning to help make lunches, and help finish homework, and leftover chores from the night before, and get breakfast, and teeth brushed, and enforce bedmaking ALL before school?? How is it possible to forget this craziness by the time bedtime rolls around? I VOW to have it done before bed next week. {sigh}

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Prescott Bridal Photography Session - Sneak Peek

So I was only going to post ONE...but then I figured since our groom was there freezing his fingers off with the rest of us...he deserved an image too...and such a killer image it is :)

For the rest of Prescott - you'll just have to wait until Saturday for the BIG DAY!! (There will be a few images for your browsing pleasure...just in case you aren't able to get close to the bride and groom...OR if you get lost amongst the food! :)

Prescott Bridal Photography
Prescott Wedding Photography

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tax Season Ender to Little League Starter

Two great joys all wrapped up in one great week. One of the places we stayed at (yes we did a mini-tour of the hotels/resorts...long story but we got 2 nights free :) of the hotels was covered in these gorgeous vibrant flower plants. I had to take a picture before we left - (Matt didn't match...or look cute in his DBacks jersey, so he wasn't invited in the picture...he was volunteered to take it ;). We hung out...did some shopping and just basically vegged was nice. I returned home to a whirlwind of bathroom accidents, homework, bloody noses, and our first Little League Minors game. Quite an afternoon (I'm beyond grateful to those who children enjoyed themselves immensely - thank you again.)

Indy had to "warm up" his arm.
This little tiny 8 year old...had to pitch the first inning of his first minor league game...his mother was sick to her stomach for him...but the boy went out there and threw down. Struck his first batter out...then allowed :) the whole team to get a hit. Matt said its good practice to get it in the strike zone. Didn't walk very many kids.

The brave freezing family & friends (who hold babies while their mothers are shooting...and their fathers are gone...)

He played catcher (his other favorite position) in the 3rd inning...and played right field in the 2nd.

Trotting on home....(there are a LOT of walks in minor leagues)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

GLORY Days {Prescott Senior Photography}

One of my favorite things about doing senior sessions is the chance to re-live my glory days....ahh to be so young and carefree....footloose and fancy free...Now THAT was livin' - my favorite thing to tell the seniors when we're done watching their sessions is HA!! HA!! HA!! fast forward 2.5 years kids - I was married...M-A-R-R-I-E-D! And NO - I wasn't planning on it...And YES, I finished school and...Oh wait...back to Cat's session.
Cat always has me reliving my glory days...bustin' rhymes wit' my rap music - singin' songs that did not make one lick of sense to me back then...but are much clearer in my older age :) A bit sporty mixed in with some music....oh and let's not forget the humor. Unfortunately when you make the photographer laugh too much...the camera shakes...and then she can't take pictures. I promise some outtakes - later...for now I leave you with these...the best of the glory days.