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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

An Heirloom (part 1)

For this "months" post...I thought I would dedicate it to...Father Christmas. For the 6 other people in my family this book holds some serious memories. You see, our "Father" - was well...I think he was dropped on the wrong doorstep. Maybe the stork got lost...maybe he was afraid of cold-weather...but he should've taken our father to the north pole...because the man LOVES fact - that's an understatement. In high school we dubbed him "Clark" as in Clark W. Griswald, after he purchased the largest tree possible from the Choralair Christmas Tree lot and then had to have a special stand welded together to hold it. Not to mention the obsession (I say that with much love) with Christmas tree lights - many unsuspecting friends and family members would happen by after Thanksgiving only to be thrown a bucket of lights and told to "get to work"...of course all of this merriment was accompanied by the 500 Christmas CDs that he owns. (We really should get the man an ipod).

Now the Readers Digest Merry Christmas Songbook became famous (or some members of my family would argue infamous) on one particular Christmas Eve many many years ago. It was before the "Formal Tuxedo and Prom dress Christmas Eve" (complete with my 40 year-old aunt and her 7 day old baby in attendance-and full photo session before-hand) was before the "Christmas in the Desert" with the oil-laden Christmas tree and magic shooting fire star that was "supposed" to light the bonfire on fire...and it was WAY before our family's walk from Nazareth to Jerusalem to Jericho to Bethlehem (NO I'm not making this up and YES our costumes would have given any full-on movie production a run for their money-we even had a 9-month pregnant Mary). The particular Christmas Eve I'm referring to took place in our darkened living room with only a piano light (and of course the little red light from the video camera that was on the ENTIRE time and has provided proof of this actually occurring). The only people present were my mother and father (Christmas) and my brothers and sister....AND there in the middle of the piano was the Readers Digest Merry Christmas Songbook (all 275 pages of it.) And what did our Christmas program consist of that year??? Any guesses?

How about...The Noble family singing ALL 275 pages of the Readers Digest Merry Christmas Songbook. Now in Fathers Christmas defense...he did try to break it up and have some boy songs and some girl songs...and somewhere along the way I remember my sister being angry about something (must not have gotten the solo she wanted) and she got up and stomped off...then (probably after being threatened) she slumps back into view of the camera.
Such wonderful wonderful Christmas Memories associated with this "heirloom"....and I had a wave of emotion pass over me as I pulled it out and dusted it off this season - okay it was more like borderline hysteria remembering...
I hope that Father Christmas forgives me for taking part of his audience and keeping them home this Christmas Eve...(we will swiftly race down on Christmas Day)...but you see...part two of this post will come later as I tell of our own little "traditions" that we've started--okay just my own kids and their reaction to The Readers Digest Merry Christmas Songbook.

(Now I have to go and take a nap...blogging has completely exhausted me!)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


The poor blog has been getting no LOVE lately...probably won't get much more until the new year--post holiday season.

HOWEVER....these 2 have enough love to make up for all that has been lost...dontcha think?

I seriously couldn't see for a solid 5 mintues after working on this last shot!
But the temporary loss of eyesight was definitely worth it.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Cream of Tartar

On his tongue. He just sat there.....panting.
I just laughed. Then tried to wipe it off. Not too easy, and it ruined his lunch - "can of corn"...I know...such a good mother eh?

BUT speaking of things that are used in baking (quite the stretch I know....) I've had to look at these babies for the last 2 months and I've reached desperation! Why doesn't Williams and Sonoma offer "bakers" who deliver their things warm to your door?????

Friday, November 7, 2008

16 years

I have not drunk soda since I was a sophomore in high school. I don't like carbonation--makes me ill. That all changed today. My first coke in 16 years. I feel like Bella in Breaking body just craved the liquid acid today and that was it. Weakling. Pathetic. Satisfied.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


After a very long battle with scaleraderma. My sister-in-law Jenifer has passed away. Her funeral will be in Flagstaff on Wednesday. Our thoughts and prayers are with her husband and children.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Oh yes I did....

I'd like to dedicate the following images to my aunt marsha...who pointed me in the right direction ;)
Yes...I have a 6ft cardboard cutout of her. These images could either be worthless or worth A LOT (okay not really) in 2 days.
Yes. You can come and get your very OWN un-professional picture taken with my Sara. No fee :) just need to bring some food to share.
Tuesday. 6pm to whenever. Bring your rascals (then I'll have an excuse for why my house is so dirty :)
(Shaley is bringing a sleeping bag....she also donated the lovely pitbull shirt and pins to me! Tomorrow is going to be VERY don't go and hide in the closet brave and at least eat something good while watching this historic election!!! YAHOO! YIPEE!!)

Indy....getting in on the action....

please ignore the 2 year old with the bag of chips...and the unwashed hair...lucky for me the couch is behind the camera with all the clean clothes waiting to be put away!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Goin' out in style....

My final HOLIDAY Session....

We ended with a bang!! (Or should I say a barf, a peeing accident, a....)
This was my 3rd family in a month will ALL boys. These moms will be greatly rewarded for the wonderful service someday!

The oldest in this family had the stomach flu....but he managed to suck it up in between shots (and pass out in between others...). I think he did a great did the rest of them...and yes...peed pants (not by the oldest :) is becoming a common link in my sessions... beware!

Speaking of "Goin out"...I'm goin out the door...headed to DISNEYLAND! (we're suspending reality for a few days...)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Little surprise.

I can't tell you how much I love doing this.

They brought their dogs--who decided to be a bit tricky and chew through their leashes. They brought some kids who had some "accidents" and who had the nerve to get hungry :) I brought my camera and in the midst of all the craziness captured some wonderful moments....moments that I'm sure they have NO idea I caught...they probably went home thinking..."Man--what a bust! At least we KNOW we got a speeding ticket, as for any images...????"

I was proofing this session the other night and had completely forgotten about this was like a little surprise...when I came upon these images I burst out laughing...I even woke my husband up with my giggling (who was passed out reading in the chair in the other room.) This family just rolled with everything...didn't miss a beat. And that is why I love moments like and all of its imperfections:

I'm not sure if you can see the dad's face...but all he did was go "ooooo...." waited a moment and then picked her up...after we both just kinda a looked at eachother and chuckled...he dusted off the mashed in dirt from her face and we continued on :) those cute little buns made several other appearences throughout the shoot until we remembered the adjustable waist band!

seriously seriously LOVE this.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Psyched Psenior.

Now for those out there who don't know about "Senior Sessions"...don't go thinking they're for your GRANDMA! These would be for the Graduating Class....High School Seniors....not the over 65 population!

This particular "Senior Jem" was very very very excited to finally be able to do her session. The day before she was scheduled to have her session--she was in a single car accident and ended up in the hospital having to undergo some facial surgery. I told her we couldn't do her session until her face was healed :)

Here she is healed....I think she's beautiful...

*Cookie* this wall was for you...just to keep you thinking that we're full of bright walls here!

Yes...see what I mean about "psyched"...she pulls out these nylon blue spandex and wants some images in them...hmmm...then she tells me that she can do the splits..mid-air. Bring. It. On.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Lake.

This has become one of my favorite places to shoot. I love the lighting here and the kids love the STICKS! I think a few have even gone home with some families :)

I loved the clothing colors and mix and match of patterns. Very very good.

Can't you just FEEL THE LOVE here???

Oh!!! I almost forgot to add (for future windy sessions :) we did this in 25mph winds!!! and yes...the mom was more than a little worried!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

4 Boys...

This is my second session (out of 3 in the last month) that consisted of ALL BOYS.

These mothers will be blessed....very very blessed :)

Oh! and YES there is an abundance of brightly colored walls here...BUT they're EVERYWHERE (even in Yuma....just keep your eyes open and they'll jump out at you--and then jump out of your car and take some pictures in front of them :)