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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Weekend Recap.

Ok. So it's Wednesday...I'm a little behind. Gma Kathy has been here telling me I need to work on my social conscience (all because I wont read her dumb book "The Help"). I forgave her because she took me shopping :)

Snapped a few images this past week that made me smile. It's been awhile since dress-ups have been 'donned & it made me kinda sad....I guess I shouldn't have given all of them to DI. I was trying to get Taffy & Mac to look at me, but they were focusing on the were Indy & Sam.
We're coming down the home stretch for the end of the "season" - things have gotten pretty quiet around here...except for when its a complete circus. Matt forced me to get out of my "lounge" (a.k.a workout gear) and go on a date with him - it was nice and much needed. I even combed my hair. Indy had the blue & gold banquet and moved up to a wolf - we practiced the upside down pinning of the wolf button and ended up not getting to do it...he was relieved. Laina went to a killer birthday party and came home and set up a bake shop with all of her gear.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Under Construction

Working furiously before kids come running in....stay tuned :)

I did it!! yippee!!

Now...if the stars will align...I will be moving my site to
(please cross your fingers, blink your eyes 5 times, hold your breath and count to 10)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Senior Photo Session with 2 not 1!

These girls braved the cold (although I have to say we were very thankful just to have sun :)

We played around downtown then headed out to the lake. It must be nearing the end of school 'cause senior sessions are back in full swing!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sassy Senior {Prescott, AZ Senior Portraits}

In the midst of doing a family session...we swapped a couple of outfits and snagged some beautiful senior portraits.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Newport News.

With the arrival of Spring - I've already set my sights on Summer.

I have the following beach sessions available - Newport Beach, CA - July 2010

July 10th
July 12th
July 13th
July 14th

Please email me: for additional information. Thanks!

Ahhhh...can't wait!!

Saw this one and had to add it...Indy, 2 years ago (age 7) my sunbleached boy.

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Dude. It is an understatement to say that the Holdsworth home looks forward to spring like nothing else...

1. less than a month from tax deadline

2. Spring training

3. Picnics & parks

4. Summer comes after spring :)

We are on the tail end of spring break. We survived & everyone did great. Indy took the weekend in Flagstaff with Tia who brought him down and kicked it with us (and cleaned like a banshee as usual :) We all enjoyed our favorite Irish meal and decorated (in a rather disgusting fashion-who needs frosting when straight food coloring can be used???) green cupcakes. Anyone who walked through the door was subject to a lot of pinching if they were not wearing green. Eiley pulled the ol' green underwear trick :) We didn't catch a leprechaun but maybe next year - we're gonna try toast.

We headed down to Phoenix and spent the night & soaked up tons and tons of sun - good times with good friends.

I took some pics of Ella (9 MONTHS! Eating everything in her path and starting to hard core army crawl) in my cute little green pot. McLaren helped then went and cleverly dished himself a hearty bowl of ice cream while I was occupied :)

Here's to a HAPPY SPRING!!!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Fun. Funky. Family Photography {Prescott, AZ}

We beat the storm. It was rolling in just as we were finishing - I only make a note of this because we had to cancel the previous week due to snow :) then sunny during the week...then another storm rolls in on the weekend. We had a great time - these guys were so comfortable during the session and had no problem making each other laugh - which makes my job very easy! (**AND they have secret family handshakes which I love - 'cause my kids have family handshakes that must be completed before their dad leaves for work --the one featured here is the "fresh prince" - has a name :)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Happy Birthday - Big Guy.

We've had a week of non-stop celebration here. I took him to play at Dave & Busters on Friday and he loved every minute of it...

We sure are thankful for all that he does for this little family. The kids prayers include the same line day in and day out "thankful for dad to go work and mom to cook the food"(such traditional roles eh? :) I tried not to include anything about taxes in this post - however it's hard to have a tax season birthday when you're a taxman (we made sure none of our kids shared this fate :) We don't see him much lately but we know we're on the downhill slide - and grateful for a reason to be festive and party in the midst of the heavy tax/snow season! AND he received the best birthday gift ever...1.5 weeks HEADACHE FREE (for the first time in over 15 years...although he was tempted just to pop some excedrin for the birthday fun of it!) Yea for modern medicine miracles!
Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Best Oatmeal Ever.

So it's freezing rain outside and we're well into the month of March....however, I have to say that I was excited for the lame weather so that I could try out this delicious oatmeal. Everyone knows that you have to have crappy weather to eat oatmeal (or maybe that's what kids growing up in Yuma are taught to believe - we begged for rain - there's just something seriously wrong with eating oatmeal and drinking hot chocolate when you have to leave the door open so you can hope for a little "chill" in the morning)

Anyway...loved this oatmeal.
serves 6

2 egg, beaten
3-1/2 cups milk
*1 cup packed brown sugar
2 cups rolled oats
*1/4 cup butter

Mix everything but the butter in a pot over medium heat and cook till thick. Some reviewers said they used only 1/2 c. brown sugar and 2T butter and it was being the killjoy that I am...I reduced to those amounts and threw in a whole chopped apple...delicious and the kids ate it...Finally a way to tackle those food storage oats without having to swim in cookies (not that my husband would mind...he's getting oatmeal scotchies for his birthday ;)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Laina Land.

Please - take my hand and count to 1...2....3! poof! you've just entered into "Laina Land". (At least that's how she always takes us...anyone is welcome) This land was patterned after her cousin Ellies'...who likes to guessed it..."Ellie Land"! Magical things happen there (and their huge massive messes happen here - strange...)

Laina has a wonderful imagination and can coax her brothers into doing all sorts of things in Laina Land - however the black ninja hat was all McLaren's idea (and yes...I cried so hard from laughing when I had to tie it on...I wish I had a better picture of him in the hat - eating pretzels...but I was laughing too hard and he kept looking at me strangely to figure out why I was laughing behind the camera.)

When Laina isn't in Laina Land you can find her (and hear her) belting out "You Belong to Me" (ala taylor swift) at the top of her lungs.