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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Week in Review

I started this a few days ago (so I'm technically over a "week") - but messed it up with uploading an image from the internet so I gave up!
Last Sunday (Father's Day) we cruised in from a little getaway in Vegas. Matt tried out his new sport - GOLF and I made contact with the "MOTHER SHIP" (a.k.a. spa :) We planned on seeing the "O" show by Cirque de Soleil-however that night around 5pm when Matt went to pick up the tickets, they informed him that he had tickets for the show 2 weeks from then - woops!! (I usually handle the ticket purchasing...time to take back the reins). After some rearranging, he managed to sell the tickets back and then head over and have the conceirge get him 4 tickets to a sold out show. So we set off and as we ran in to the 10:30pm show our friend looked at the tickets and said "wait-these say 'wet seat'...are we going to get wet????!@#$" Needless to say---if you are ever offered front row seats, middle section to the "O" show at the last minute of a sold out show...think twice, bring a blanket or a towel or a poncho....we were a little disturbed that they DIDN'T provide any wet support for us--its not like they couldn't afford to with the price we paid for them to splash us!!! We felt similar to being in the front row at Sea World--but at least you get a poncho! However, the highlight of the night was when little Matty was summoned forth by one of the clowns to "dance". I will forever have the image burned in my mind...I saw the split second pass his face when he decided to not just suffer through and endure this moment in the spotlight, but EMBRACE it...and embrace he did with some mean ol' Holdsworth Groove moves!!! Everyone was laughing--I think he even surprised the clowns!

I was sad to have to leave Vegas (and my really plush room in the condos at MGM grand...highly recommended...its like a little piece of heaven in sin city). As we pulled in to Prescott the kids rushed out with their Fathers Day gifts. The jewel of them all was the handmade tie (images to post later).

We managed to survive the rest of the week thanks to a good bible camp--Laina was thrilled to be able to go to camp and its incredible the amount of things they come home with (it was her second bible camp in a row---the first one was $3/week this one was $15/week...priceless and hilarious!)

Friday night I drove down with a friend to meet my family in Tempe for dinner and some theater at Gammage. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed "My Fair Lady". About 15 minutes into the show I was laughing and thinking how much Matt would enjoy it--so Saturday, I went out and purchased the DVD and made my family watch it Sunday morning...they loved it. No one could get away in this day, with a main character saying what Henry Higgins says to Eliza...its got some serious shock factor in an edited sort of way.

That was it. My week in review...I left out little things like Mclaren's new talent of dumping, pouring, throwing anything. Or his "specialty du jour" SPITTING. This began about a month ago, when we decided to take him to a movie (bad idea). After about an hour he was I took him to sit in the hallway so I could still watch the show and he could play. Well his head was spinning and he thought it would be hilarious to take a big ol' swig of soda, position himself in front of his unsuspecting mother and SPIT! It was performed so magnificently that I burst out laughing! His spray was delivered so beautifully that I couldn't contain my laughter--maybe that's where I went wrong. I've found him the last week chasing his older brother around the house with a water bottle in one hand and large spit puddles all over the floor!

Ahhh...I need to do this more often-this has been cathartic.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Shaley!

I know you said "NO Gifts", but I figured working overtime :) to finish your session was a gift you wouldn't turn down! Even though I really really really strongly dislike you and your 8month pregnancy--glowing and beautiful and you and your stomach 2 weeks after giving birth to twins!! (it was/is smaller than mine and I have a 2 year old)...I'd call you a cheater, but it is your birthday after all so... ENJOY!

As Shaley put it--these two were sooo different in her belly and they are sooo different out--so we went for the whole "yin/yang" thing :)

My favorite part about a newborn session is the "behind the scenes" if you're wondering how we did it--here's a hint: (they were so good for their dad--minus the barf and pee), but the minute we put them in mom's hands...hunger pains set we needed a quick fix--

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Flagstaff Forest Highlands Wedding

Absolutely gorgeous. period. These will have to satiate you for the next little while :) Rachel did such a wonderful job--the day was perfect and I had a smile permanently stuck on my face...and it had nothing to do with the dancing...although there were quite a few smooth dancers out there busting moves!!

Check out the hops...

Monday, June 16, 2008

One more for now...

I can't help myself!! but now I'm going to bed :)

(click on it to enlarge :)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Tables and Chairs--I mean "Happy Fathers Day"

I should've added "notebooks" as well to my descriptive Father's Day title, since those 3 things define my father. True--they are not the ONLY things that define him, and yes, there are many other things like "Christmas Eve" "Bonfire" "Cookout" "Christmas Music" "Special Musical Numbers" "Christmas Program" heck ANY "Program" -- "Scouting"...the list goes on and on (feel free to add to it :) BUT you need 1. Tables, 2. Chairs and 3. Notebooks to properly pull off any of the above mentioned items.

Two weeks ago I had the opportunity to jet down to Yuma to see a marvelous work and wonder (was that blasphemous?) take place in my parents ward. My brother David and I were able to take part in an Eagle Court of Honor for 13 scouts, all from the ward my father presides over as Bishop. (To my other siblings---when his Will is read, just remember that DAVID and MEGAN were the ones there...DAVID and MEGAN were the ones singing and playing the piano to 'Stouthearted Men'--if you don't know the song *neither did we* feel free to google it--I'm sure we'll be rewarded handsomely). This was a majorly BIG deal. There was an article in the local newspaper which was then picked up by LDS news...pretty cool. Also pretty cool that it was so close to Father's Day, because I don't think there is any better way to honor my father than with a post showing not just one scout uniform, but 13 scout uniforms, Eagle pins, "Notebooks", "Tables and Chairs" (he even has his own personal U-haul for locations away from the church--with his own personal set of tables and chairs of course :) and "Roses for the Mothers"--of course.
(Just for a little extra proof of my attendance...I'm sitting in the right-hand corner reeling from my awful piano accompaniment:)
I love the unique and special touches that go into a Wade Noble production...they put a smile on my face (it usually gets bigger when the production is being recounted to a listening audience or the experience is being shared with stressed-out siblings :) Love it! and Love you!! Happy Fathers Day -- Dad!!
P.S. - To my brothers, I included the image with all of you in it because I think its great--a little maffia"esque" and no...I didn't PS anyone :)

Sneek Peak--Twins Photography Session

I've been waiting and waiting and waiting for this session...(since December 27th when Shaley called to tell us the exciting news) and finally they were big enough to's a quick sneek peak for Father's Day! I can't wait to show more :) they look so peaceful! :)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Garden of Eden...Green

I love shooting in my little "Garden of Eden"--you just have to be careful that you don't trip over someone sleeping or step on any broken glass -- relax--none of that ever shows up in the images! We had a wonderful shoot--I can't get over all the beautiful green!! I want to remember this all year long (especially in January when I think there is no way it will EVER be green AGAIN!) I don't think there's anything that says "Summer" better than this:

OR this...

I saved my favorite for last...Ahhh..absolutely incredible!! Each one of your children need a copy of this image :)


Now that I've officially caught up on all my blog-reading...I guess I'd better get to my blog-posting. Let's get McLaren's 2nd Birthday post out of the way first (since that's what we kinda did with his 2nd birthday--got it out of the way for Laina's big 5th birthday...he was even nice enough to trade days with her! :)
I guess we could call this "party" a surprise party 'cause the friends that were over eating dinner with us were all "surprsied" when I told them to start singing "Happy Birthday" to Mac! They thought they would just get normal dessert not birthday dessert :)
Note the fear of the candle...this is very important for the final image...

Nothing a little distraction via cupcake can't cure!

I'm not sure if you can tell but there are huge tears welled up in his eyes...that must've been some flame!

I wish I had pictures of him opening presents but Gma Kathy hadn't shown up yet!! :) (and I didn't wrap any, just put the new sandals on and let him play with the pool toys!) Happy 2nd Birthday Macky!!

"Little Girls...Little Girls...everywhere I eat, sleep and breathe them...."

One birthday to go. We started out about an hour before the party began--waiting for the guests to arrive...(complete with song and dance of course!)

We've passed this cake for the past 7 months at the grocery store and we were finally able to get it!!
Note: our token male...I mean Prince.
Laina has been trained in the ways of her aunt Tia--she gave the proper amount of emotion for each gift she mother always said Tia was sooo much fun to give gifts to...WHATEVER!
Game?? Matt asked what games we were playing and I looked at him and said "Game? do we have to play a game? I thought they'd just open gifts and play with those!#%^?" So...I grabbed the box that the cake came in and found a stuffed poodle and came up with "Throw the Poodle in the Box" game!! It was a hit!
If you look closely on the image above-you can see Gma Kathy's grey hair tuft above the couch...she's being treated by her veternarian(s) with her 10 kids...
Princess food?? have some "Fairy Fruit Wands"!
Titled: "Look mom...I'm purple like my fairy!"
The brave girls who love makeup...and love to trash it too!!

Happy Birthday Laina!! I'm glad we only get to do this every 5 years!