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Friday, May 29, 2009

Memorial WEEK {recap}

Wow. Marathon week - and it isn't over yet.

Memorial weekend camping. Rained out. 2 years in a row. Matt was thrilled - it seems that camping leaves a really really bad taste in his mouth...Laina and I were totally depressed. Saturday of course turned out to be a beautiful day and we were able to see a movie - with ALL the kids. Rare. Matt also decided he needed to do some yard work. Here's what I came home to find:

Upon closer inspection, you will see that he is trimming the edges with scissors. No - this is not a joke. This IS similar to when I found him shop-vac'ing all the leaves out of the rocks.

The lawnmower and edger wouldn't start. So did he let that stop him? NO.

He decided to go "Old Skool". Can I just tell you that the excitement he felt over this little guy was unreal! He still can't stop talking about how happy he is with the turn of events.

Sunday we traveled north to Flagstaff to celebrate Matt's brother Phil's 40th birthday. We had a good time and the kids had some serious cousin playing time. Matt got a massive bouncy house, but stopped himself from getting the dunk tank - it was 60 degrees.

We headed home Monday, did some laundry and left Tuesday for Vegas. Matt had a conference and the kids and I were able to stay with his sister and have the use of her backyard pool. I took the kids to the Children's Museum in downtown Vegas - MOTHER OF THE YEAR #5-b! I didn't plan on actually having to play with the kids - just thought I could find a chair and pass out it in while they ran around. But no - I was there reading the displays and explaining what the interactive exhibits were. The kids loved it. McLaren loved the stage and was the best dancer there - Laina was too shy to shake her stuff. Indy loved playing with the virtual sports game and was hit in the head by many soccer balls and hocky pucks. Laina loved making huge bubbles.

We headed home Thursday night and are parting ways again this morning. Indy and Mac will be camping at the Father's and Sons outing and Laina and I will be headed to Phoenix for a Girls Weekend with my mom and sister. A lot of traveling, I know, but c'mon we're ending up at a spa/shopping weekend in Phoenix. I think it's totally worth it to pack the!

Notice the lack of images from all of these wonderful happenings....I'm too fat and lazy right now to haul my camera out - there were so many cool things at the Childrens Museum that I wished for my camera - oh well...I'll make it up later :) How about some great images of me in my bathing suit this weekend 8.5 months prego??

Friday, May 22, 2009

Anniversary Session - Prescott Photography Style

This was the best session to end on. An anniversary session - 3 years. Just because. They were gorgeous models and great sports...and the weather was much better than it is today. I'm posting lots since I'll only have my family and other totally random posts from here until Christmas.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Courtland in Cannes

Just thought I'd share a few images of my little brother livin' it up at the Cannes Film Festival (remember he's on Rob P. duty). He's currently in Film School at USC and works for a PR firm. He managed to shave and cut his hair.

True...he doesn't posses the photographic genius of his older sister...but I'll post his images anyway.

The only reason I show this image of Court and another woman - his boss (other than proof of the tux) is so that you can link her to the next image...

(I know the images are large...I'm too lazy to resize them :)

David sent me the link to "Gossip Girl" and there was this paparazzi photo...recognize her? (Insert screaming of tweens all over America...)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sweet Baby Girl

This one was a week late - but her mom survived and now she's soaking up all the love in the house...and trying to stay hidden from her big brother! Oh and I must mention that her mom is a piano OF COURSE we needed a baby grand :)

Monday, May 18, 2009

What do you get....

When you cross this:

with this:

Give up? A 7 year old with a temperature of 105.4.

We had some friends over for dinner and towards the end of the night, Indy walks in and says he'd really really like to eat a piece of asparagus. Okay? He asks if he can cook it in the microwave. Sure? Next thing I know...he's walking out solemnly and giving me the thermometer, then he went and sat on the rocks. I started laughing - and someone remarked "maybe he needs a hug"....they were right. Sorry, Ferris, I'll try better next time.

Friday, May 15, 2009


We were just discussing school mascots at a little dinner party Monday night. Here's my proof...I told you I wasn't lying!
All 5 Noble children were Criminals.

Yuma High School Criminals on CBS Early Show

Family Photography {Prescott Style}

Talk about troopers, not only did this family travle 1.5 hrs to get here, but we packed everything we possibly could into this session. The kids were awesome, and mom and dad weren't half bad either ;)

I loved the idea of the "color wall". We took some pictures of the kids individually in front of the color of their personality (with help from mom of course on which color went with who!)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pregnancy {Conversations} - Deep Thoughts

Alternate title: My "fascination" with societies boldness to remark on pregnant women's bodies...

Over the last 8 years, I have had the privilege to "listen in" on some rather choice pregnancy conversations, as well as taken part in a few of my own. Some of these conversations are with complete strangers...members of the general public who feel that any pregnant woman has a sign on her that reads, "Please...go ahead and unleash thy tongue".

A few months ago I listened to a conversation between a lady who looked to be about 7-8 months pregnant and I'm assuming an acquaintance behind the cash register at a restaurant. The employee was commenting on the size of the ladies belly (because you know that's socially acceptable to do to pregnant people ONLY) and was insisting that the doctors HAD to have her due date wrong. In other words...she was saying that she was sooo large that the baby should've come a month ago. The kind pregnant woman just "chuckled" and assured her that she still had that long to go and that her date was right.

I only tell this story (instead of one of my own) to illustrate society's approach to pregnant women. Yes, I understand it is somewhat of a "freak of nature" to see an 8 month pregnant person walking down the street. Yes, I understand that society feels "entitled" to comment at will whenever they come across a pregnant person - especially at the gym...working out. What would you have us do? Sit on the couch and eat bon bons all day? No, I assure you, pregnant women DO NOT want to receive comments from every Jane, Dick & Sally on the size of their belly, and they DO NOT want to give their due date out to ever single person that approaches them...(sometimes this is multiple times - to the same person). What does it matter? When you see the pregnant person WITH the baby in their arms...then chances are ...they HAD the baby. :) (see I can put a smiley face by this so I don't get thrown into the moody emo pregnancy category.)

I also find it strange that most of the people giving the commentary are women who have been pregnant they not remember the last trimester...when you brace yourself every time you leave your house for the onslaught of pregnancy conversations and cheery comments like "wow! you've popped! when did THAT happen?" Umm...since I saw you 2 days ago...I'm not really sure... You reach a point where you just keep your eyes down and AVOID all eye contact so that no one feels they can approach you and go through the "random pregnant person" checklist:
-When are you due (socially disabled people will then add an exclamation like "wow...that long huh?")
-Is it a boy or a girl
-Is this your first
-Do you have a name
-You're carrying so high/low/wide
-Do you go early
-You're still here at the gym...Are you okay? Do you need help off that machine (no grandma, I've been lifting weights for quite some time...thank you.)
-How are you feeling
Feel free to add to this list...

This post has been 8 years in the making. I'm sure I'll need to revisit it to add some more. But I'll sign off with my favorite comment of all time, "Are you SURE you aren't having twins?" (Luckily I've only overheard this one...never had to receive it.)

And since we need a pictures...I'm going to add this totally random image I just received from my brother...thank you for reminding us to "embrace our differences"

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Final Graduate!

Here was my last "graduating senior" of the year....we got her session done just in the nick of time!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mothers Day.

Is over :)

I wish I could solve the riddle..."why do all mothers (with children IN their home) dread mothers day?"

I had to use "in" their home because my mom finally told me last night that her day was just fine...she has actually passed the threshold of painful mothers days...into peaceful ones. I usually win the title of "most unfortunate mothers day" but this year we survived it pretty good. (AND I think my sister is claiming the title for herself). Matt took ALL 3 kids to the Dbacks game in Phoenix Saturday afternoon which was wonderful. I had a girls night out (more on that later) and then took the boys to church while laina stayed home sick with Matt. That wasn't pleasant, and neither was fixing breakfast for myself and the kids, but we'll just gloss over that. I came home and made a quick lunch, for myself, and then went and laid down on my bed....door unlocked. Later I had to move to another room with the door "locked", but it was still a pretty good day :) My friend Darla was unselfish enough to actually cook on Mothers Day and invited us over for a lovely dinner. So...all in all...not a bad day. Matt even took the kids to get me a nice thin robe to wear around the house.

Last week I asked the kids and spouse to do ONE huge favor for me. I really wanted a pregnancy picture with all my kids. I tried to simplify it as much as possible. My oldest one has been struggling a bit lately and he was the one whose head had to be photoshopped in EVERY single image. After the session I was a little bit angry (okay - I banned him from taking family photographs with us for the next year) and then when I went to proof the images I was even madder. Ugh...sigh...take a deep breath and walk away. This is what I tell clients who have tricky kids during the session...just walk away and it will all work out. A little bit of time heals all images in my opinion :) and if it doesn't....Photoshop will.

Here is how we started off...I couldn't see Indy...which is a good thing or he probably would've been bopped...not recommended for good famiy pictures.

I need to remember this one--frame it and put if by my bed...he didn't have to be photoshopped :)

I love this one...probably a bit to artistic for my mother, but its a favorite :)

AND not wanting to be left out...we'll include the alien 3D image of the unborn child :) The kids (and I) think its WAY weird!

Now...moving on...I'd like to give a big shout-out to Courtland who is headed over to the Cannes Film Festival this week...look for him walking behind Robert Pattinson :) He just finished the press junket for Terminator and is jet-setting it over to France, as soon as his last final is finished. Rumor has it, his boss hinted that a haircut and shave might be nice...SO just in case he's a little something to get you pointed in the right direction:

AND with that image I've officially trumped all other siblings in my family for best mothers day present :) I GAVE her a clean-shaven son :) HA!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

CC&R Violation

(alternative post title "here's what happens when my husband goes out of town..."-Matt asked me to include this.)

This was just too good to pass up. Sorry mom :)

We received a courtesy notice in the mail this week and there was a picture included! I loved it! The only thing that makes it funnier is the fact that they caught us on a GOOD day. There weren't 4 bikes strewn around the landscape (or in the street where they usually reside, making our lovely neighbors - we only have 2- dodge them to get to their homes). There weren't any popsicle wrappers, or baseball bats, or gloves, or balls...and best of all...they didn't catch the 3yr old stark naked with dirt smeared across his face and his feet pitch black with his very enlarged pregnant mother barefoot yelling after him to come back inside. So all in all...a very very good day to be caught on...and I'm grateful that they stopped the image at the front of the house...the back...well...let's just say that when giving directions I simply let people know that we're the only house with "signs of life"...I prefer to think of it that way...much easier than "we're the Joad family--you can spot our house a mile away".
Courtesy Notice
Trash containers outside in open view...multiple items left in view while not in use.
I'm grateful that they highlighted the offensive.

Matt does not find this funny at all...not ONE BIT FUNNY.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Family Photography Session - Prescott

I loved these stairs....I had to find a way to get back to these stairs and Darla gave it to me! We started out here and then headed downtown to jazz it up a bit...I loved the all the colors she incorporated...and of course we had to finish with some pettiskirts!

Oh I wish this would post bigger...She wanted to try to do this "life story collage"...I told her I would give it a try...and it turned out sooo stinkin' awesome...It will be printed as a 12x72...nice panorama!

ANY image on a blue wall is totally AWESOME!!!!

**I have officially finished proofing my last session...but it will probably take me forever to get them all posted...I better spread it out since I'll only have my kids to post on afterwards...which would force me to think of nice stories :)