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Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Excitement....

of LOVE!! The day is so much brighter when you've found your one true love (sorry...we've been listening to Enchanted around here)-these two were wonderful...and all that was asked in return for their cooperating behavior was for some beautiful eye color and a good jumping shot...I'm crossing my fingers and holding my breath....!

I will NOT tell you how many times we jumped to get this :)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Weekend

So my "fair-weather" husband vetoed the annual Memorial Day camping trip (due to snow, wind, hail, and rain) and voted that we head towards sunnier skies...thank heavens for the Marriott in Phoenix! We blended in nicely with all the other families around--the kids loved the pool and the live music and we loved just hangin' out. It wouldn't be a complete vacation if good food wasn't involved...the breakfast buffet took care of that--however eating at a buffet with McLaren and Matt is really no fun...let's see, all Mac wanted was whipping cream (no fruit) and hmmm...ketchup!
Matt's choice? Toast.

We had to pry this sunscreen out of his hands...he just wanted to love it and wipe it and eat it...

This is what happens when you try to get away from your mom...stinkin' 7 yr old!

My cute little family...
If only you could hear his sound effects when he does his "1-2-booyah hiyah!"

Thank you Marriott for taking care of us!
I posted these images so that I can remember my happy smiling faced children...the next day (the first day of our summer break) everyone was banished to their rooms for about 3 hrs!!! Thank heavens for quiet time ;) which seems to be extended every day due to naughty children trying to escape their jails!! This is going to be one long summer!!!

Monday, May 26, 2008


I think I have several posts surrounding the subject of "wind"...I have come to think about it as my "unwanted partner"...the kind of partner that you wish you could get rid of, but know he's not going anywhere so you'd better get used to him! Well that's what we did. We had a grand ol' time with the wind and managed to hide him pretty well. I promised Amy she wouldn't be able to tell that the wind was blowing at about 50 miles/hr that day (okay maybe slight exaggeration - 40mph?) on this last one you get a "glimpse" of the wind...but nothing like the "hair standing straight up!!" shots that we had to wait through to catch the wind in between "gusts"...AND I also love this "moment"...

Friday, May 23, 2008

30x50 Gallery Wrap

Ever wondered what a 30x50 gallery wrap looks like?? Well wonder no more....I define this as "Brave Art".

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Weekend of INDY!

Yes we bought our tickets early and picked Indy up from school and headed over for the 1pm showing of the "Crystal Skull"...they didn't waste a second diving into good ol' "indy humor"--a little heavy on the alien sci-fi but I love myself a good indy film :). We had a fun time and are ready for the "INDY 500" to start on Monday! (okay for the racer fans this isn't an indy car, but it is a McLaren!)

*Edited to add:

"His socks are red, but his heart is blue"

This was the poster brought all the way from Phoenix by David and Cindy. The front side said Indy and they did great chants like, "Indy Indy hit one for Cindy"....see I told you they were great.

The back side was for his father, who was heckled by them when he was being the 3rd base coach...they wanted him to read their sign (little bit of family baseball rivalry...dbacks--note david throwing the gang sign for them...and the dodgers). They had the poor coach from the opposing team laughing--hard enough that it was difficult to pitch to his team...thanks for the strategy guys and for the visit...we loved it!

Even though this is a weekend of Indy...we had to throw one of the Rascal in...he loves playing with all the boys gloves, hats and bats...and is usually found wacking the steel dugout with a bat...

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

8 is GREAT!!!

Even though they gave their mother a VERY HARD time before the shoot...they did VERY GOOD for me! (I promised her they would and I was true to my word!) I loved the individuality they well as the incredibly PHOTOGENIC mother! oh and kids and father too :) (and yes...they're all from the same parents :)

Oddly enough...this was the only one the 2 middle boys decided to smile/laugh on! (they were instructed by their father to have serious faces :)

The "light" is supposed to look like that Phil :)
I saved the best for last....
Good job can cross it off the list for another 5 years!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Beautiful Bride

Oh....there is nothing better than putting on your wedding dress and hittin' the town! No stress of the wedding day to keep you down...just you and some style you so pretty and keep away the FROWNS! (get it? it rhymes with....)
I would like to ask one question: Why is that we work our tails off for an hour and the last five minutes we get this?:
I think this is my favorite!!! (okay so I know you can't see her face...but the LIGHT!! yippee! :)


7.(okay so this was "middle of the shoot :)
I've numbered them so we can all help her decide on the ONE that will be on display at her feel free to share your favorite! (okay so there are more, but these were my fav's :)