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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Family Session-
Can you say "urbaaaaaan"? Love it. She let's me do very very funky long as I photoshop where she says :) Whiskey Row alley...who would've thought?


I took some photos of Nic's recent flowers for a wedding she was doing...I couldn't help but post some very very talented...(here is her site Floralogie )

Newborn Session
These are so wonderful to do... I think Elice has such a "classic Elice Mackenna" look to her (Somewhere in Time) and then I showed up and she pulled out this nightgown and my mouth just dropped open...could it be any more perfect?

The Nelson Family-
What can I say? Absolutely gorgeous! Sheri wanted color...I think she got it :)

I'm finally a blogger. I need to give credit to my little sister who has shown me the light. I should be proofing sessions right now, but I couldn't resist starting off with a request from my father. I will generally be posting photos from recent sessions on here, but he really wanted this photo and even though it doesn't fit in the "professional" makes me laugh (and my kids think its really funny!)