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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Boston, MA - Food & Nutrition Conference

Matt and I traveled back to Boston the other week so that I could attend the Food and Nutrition Conference & Expo. My continuing education credits are due this May and I have "0" (zero) - so this is the best way to rack up a whole bunch of credits. You see - I used to have another "life". One filled with menu planning & analysis, and kitchen inspections, school lunch reviews, height/weight analysis etc... My life as a registered dietitian went further and further back on the burner with each child that was born. I still love it and when I was at the conference I kept thinking "I have the coolest field of study EVER!" (and then I took lots of pictures :) So although family and fotos have moved to the front lines, I still love to learn about all the new advancements in the field of nutrition and food science.
Before we make it to the conference let's start with the fun stuff:
The leaves. There were still some left in November - and they were beautiful.

The freedom trail was wonderful. We walked and walked and walked and took lots of pictures. I plan on doing a little slide show for Indy with the walking guide pamphlet I brought home.

This door - awesome.

Before I went out there I remember someone remarking on the graveyards - and how cool they were. I thought this a bit odd...until I saw them. So cool.
Paul Revere was buried here along with Ben Franklin's parents. They place copper pennies on Revere's tomb because he was a copper smith (we were a bit confused about this at first :)
Matt had to stop to find the number to order the Obama Care Health Flowchart.
My dear humored me with some pictures.
Did you know that back in the day you could purchase your own little cubicle at church?? Seriously imagine the possibilities here!
See mom - I went to Harvard. You should be so proud.When the plane landed we went to the hotel and dropped our stuff off and hopped in a cab and went straight to the legendary Pizzaria Regina's. Where they "serve pizza". (Matt asked the crotchety ol' waitress if he could get some wings and she replied "what we serve is pizza".) We rented a car and were able to fulfill Matt's dream of driving up to the dark :) (it gets dark at 4:30!!)

Made it to the Barking Crab - a totally fun joint - and had a lobster roll.

My MOST favorite part of the whole trip? The crossfit box that we were able to work out in :)
I swear I'm not standing on anything and that after struggling I was able to get my chin above the bar. One. Time.

Instead of playing "slug-bug" we played "Dunkin' Donuts". There's one on every corner.

I opted to wait for Mike's Pastries...legendary. The pistachio cannoli (ewww on the chocolate). Unfortunately there's no picture of me eating it because I wolfed it down in a dark cab :) You may think that donuts and cannoli's don't fit in the same post as a dietetic conference - moderation in all things ;)
Oh that's right! I went to Boston for a conference. Proof that I did attend some sessions.

HOLY CONFERENCE EXPO!! They literally shove samples in your bag(s).
And make you take pictures to win things (like the green chair...which I didn't win, but was willing to pose for the dumb picture 'cause the chair was so cool).
No contest here...but how could you pass up a photo op with the laughing cow??
All the cliff bars and luna bars and soyjoy bars and steel-cut oats and nuts etc...that you could ever imagine! I was in heaven and brought enough snacks back for the kids for the whole week. But the best thing was the body scan that I did and then went and brought Matt back so that he could do his...and guess what?? I BEAT HIM! HA!!

All in all it was a splendid trip and I was in heaven hanging out with Matt and having a few quiet treasured moments together. Thank you to Tia, Sheri, Lisa & Kris for holding down the fort! (I told Tia before I boarded the plane - which I was sure was going to crash - that this blog is my most treasured possession for my children and she would be responsible for finishing the books for them...just needed to put it in writing).

Friday, November 19, 2010

1st Piano Recital

They did it - and they rocked. Their piano teacher holds a Halloween recital and all the kids wore their costumes - I think it helped to calm the nerves a little. Indy is loving the piano (hopefully this will last) I literally have to peel his playing hands off the keys and tell him to go get his jobs done. He's even starting to "compose" his own songs.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

ART-ful Family Portraits - Downtown Prescott AZ

Absolutely in LOVE with the insane - fun - color! Such a fun family - packed with personality and talent (and Dutch Harbor workers). Their oldest is a reigning Yavapai Pianist 1st place winner (Indy and I went to see him play - simply marvelous!) I love Jennie's passion for all things art (and her hair is completely "covet-worthy" that even a word??) and her beautiful family puts a smile on my face.

Our very own "Charlton Heston"

So my father just began his year as President of the NWRA (National Water Resources Association).
Not to be confused with the "NRA" he..he... I like to think of him as our very own Charlton Heston. We joked about his "coronation" this past week - I'm not sure if he thought we were very funny... When I told the kids, Laina's comment was "I'd like to be able to swim in the lakes?" (The lakes around here are picturesque but deadly to your health - and do not allow swimming because people would probably die from the toxins.) I'm sure he'll get right to work on that :)

I thought I'd do a little research on him and came across this little blurb on Agri-Business Council of Arizona's site (next to an image of him - Dad...I know what I'm getting you for Christmas. I apologize greatly - I have failed you as a daughter/photographer.) Anyway - I thought it was cool to be able to google your father and read stuff you didn't WOW! he had five kids??!!! holy cow. That's a lot.

Wade and his wife Kathy are the parents of five children. He is a fifth-generation native Arizonan, born in Safford and growing up in Wilcox. After a family move to Tempe, he graduated from Tempe High School. His Bachelor’s Degree is from the University of Arizona (1973) and his Juris Doctor Degree from St. Mary’s University of San Antonio (1977).

Wade has been in private practice in Yuma since 1978. He was a member of the Westover Law Firm until its dissolution in 1996. In that year, he formed the Noble Law Offices.

Primary clients include: Wellton-Mohawk Irrigation and Drainage District, Yuma Irrigation District, North Gila Valley Irrigation and Drainage District, Hohokam Irrigation District and Unit B Irrigation and Drainage District.

There was a long list of Professional Activities - but I didn't really know what any of them note to self - he acts professional in a lot of places.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Prescott Arizona Senior Portraits

The bright sunny warm weather pictured here should be an indication at how far behind I am since I'm bundled up at my computer with my warmest boots on!
We were lucky to shoot around her grandparents home which had so many beautiful trees and landscaping! AND I was lucky enough to snag the killer pink chair from my friends house!