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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Elizabeth & Justin

She chose sunshine.

I couldn't stop smiling (only a few tears were shed) all day/night long.
Elizabeth has climbed a very tough hill - and weathered a treacherous storm this past year - mostly on her own...until Justin came along to ease the burden.
I know that her Heavenly Father was watching out for her and her kids - I wish them all the very best.

They had a small ceremony at Justin's parents house in Utah.

Her brothers-in-law built this aspen arbor for her - it was incredible.

What good-looking friends they have.
And she had an incredible design/decorating/floral team :)
We had a quick shoot the day before with just Justin & Elizabeth up near Park City...the weather was gorgeous and so were the bride & groom.
There were many moments of joy & laughter...
And only a few moments of sadness...
The kids did wonderful and enjoyed themselves thoroughly (the butterflies were a hit). And we managed to squeeze in Mitch Jr.'s almost 1-year photos.
He is the spitting image of his father.

There was the most incredible grove of trees behind the house so we stole away for a few moments.
The chandelier was pretty incredible.
Coco & her team did an awesome job.
We even managed a family picture...but we had to wait for Mackenna...

They were able to get away for 2 whole weeks which is a good thing 'cause its non-stop crazy from here on out!!

Elizabeth & Justin - this is going to be a good good life.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

May Madness-Plant Preserves, Paddleboards & Preschool

Ya..ya.. I know it's June (the very end of June) I'm playing a little catch-up...story of my life. Unfortunately with so many pictures they will have to do a LOT of the talking for themselves.
First - one of 2 "Laina School Outings" that I was able to go on - to the Nature Preserve (apparently you weren't supposed to bring siblings along...even if they could give the chipmunks and their cheeks a run for their money).

The guide was talking about how plants adapt...I'm sure there is a life lesson here...but I'm too busy to stop and think about it...
Our little chipmunk found a prized nut.
Baseball season...pretty sure this is the reason there was very little posting done in May...2 nights a week/2 boys...sometimes we were lucky to only have to be out 2 nights others 4... We had visits from Grandpa Grant and the Noble clan...sure do love our Grandparents!!

I was worried she would freeze so I threw a cap on her...
Tanner Buzbee Nelson's Homecoming...prepping him for the river in Jackson Hole. Nobles & Nelsons take the Colorado River on...
Wade is serious about his sun-protection....
Matt received a paddle board for his birthday...we have put that puppy to good use.

Here's another one of those life's lessons that I don't have time to spell out...
Here...let me zoom in closer...'s a good thing I'm behind on Father's Day...I would've had to use this picture to write glorious things for "my Dad is serious about blocking some rays...and he's serious about fathering and grandfathering and scouts and church...Happy Father's Day!"
and Ella is serious about Ho-Ho's...
Amanda is serious about being tall...and posing for paddle board pictures :)

These were the mean pirates that splashed everyone...

After the adventure was over...I was left on the bank of the river with my 4 kids for about 45 minutes...Indy made good use of his time...and some trash bags...
And when the day was over we made good use of the aloe vera plant in grandma's front yard.
Ahhh...more ball...did I mention that my cousin Taylor and I coached a t-ball team in May?? We were lucky to grab a bunch of our little buddies to play on the team...we both survived...barely.
Ya...Ya...I know the sun is in your eyes...but I've got to snap this picture so that I can get back over to the batter and make sure the batter doesn't throw his just close your eyes and smile.

Preschool graduation...McLaren was the only child of mine to attend preschool. He loved it and we loved all of his buddies and Sis. Tenney. She took on 9 little boys!!

Memorial Weekend we had family & friends & fun. Paddle boarding at the lake (in 40mph was so windy that they closed up the kayak rental shop...but that didn't stop siree).

Hair blowing sideways weather is not great paddleboarding weather...did I mention that?

I love my boys!!

And I love the lighting in this image...(Rabid you need this framed on your wall...)

We sent our friend Rabid out on the white-capped water without any instructions...she made it safely in...eventually...

This is what happens when you paddle against extreme don't move...literally I was pulling as hard as I could and not moving.

But we had a great time and went and hiked Thumb Butte the next day. Phew. May is done.