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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Coffee Table Album

I've been doing these for awhile now, but realized I have never posted pictures of the gorgeous Coffee Table Album. This album is similar to the Storybook Album except for the pages are mounted on thick board and make for a very sturdy beautiful album. They are packed with as many images as we can fit on 20 beautifully designed pages.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


A friend put me on to this quote by Benjamin Franklin...
"Remember not only to say the right thing in the right place, but far more difficult still, to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment."
This would have served me well the first few years of my marriage...I eventually figured it out - but it will be good for me to remember as I enter the "teenage years"...
And speaking of Ben Franklin...I really like the small part he played in a good (but massive) novel I read/listened to recently...
New York: The Novel

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day ROCKS

(except for when you're running a fever and have chills that are multiplying...and I'm losing control... I promised myself I could go crawl under the covers after I hit "post"...It's our only Valentines present for the grandparents so I must get it done.)

First up we have Mac's choice - he insisted on this one - I think it fits him perfectly.

And this adorable girl - when I was taking her picture it made me sad that I haven't taken her out on a photo shoot for such a long time...she's beautiful to photograph...and she cracks me up when she acts "shy"
It's hard to find "boy" valentines every year but somehow we manage...even if he WAS holding a "pink" guitar :)
Just one more - I couldn't resist... And without further adieu...

This little love chunk got her very own special shoot with me while the kids were at school...and she loved all 5 minutes of it (that's all she's good for) - I think it's hilarious how the first 12 months of her life were chronicled and then once the "terror" set in the posts on the "El"inator became fewer and fewer...what am I supposed to write??

-She loves to yell at her siblings and command them in jibberish

-If they don't do what she insists then she will come at you with 4 ferrocious front teeth.

-She loves to climb...on chairs, tables, benches, open dishwashers etc...and she MUST LOVE to fall/crash because she continues to climb up on the aforementioned objects.

-She doesn't cry rather she does this growling-back-of-the-throat yell/scream that seems to go on and on and rolling windows up and down in the car is not enough to distract her or make her stop.

-She is obsessed with her mothers belly and finds great joy in pinching it....really really hard.

-She does love to dance...and occasionally breaks into sweet song.

Of course I tell you all these things only to follow it up with 100% LOVE. Isn't it incredible how the adorableness can wipe out all the rascal-ness? (the only thing that comes close to the sweetness of children in a picture is children taking a nap...ahh peace...)

And if I had to do a valentine it would HAVE to say....
"Valentine - I've got a WHOLE LOTTA LoVe for you!!"
(sorry I couldn't resist :)

-I have no idea, other than a photoshoot, what this little ruffle outfit is good for??

-My childrens valentines had nothing attached to them. Laina pointed this out this morning...and I informed her their cards were so awesome they didn't need to add anything to which she responded "so our cards last year - which had candy on them - weren't awesome??" I told her to go with the sick mom excuse and we'll make up for it next year.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Matt: Hey Indy...I will ONLY get you that catcher's outfit if you:
1) Go take a freezing cold bath
2) throw your boxers on
3) Go stand outside at dusk on the coldest day of the ENTIRE year!!

Indy: Okay.

Megan: ugh-Really??!! (then grabs camera and hastily takes a picture of the poor boy who will surely turn out to be a gambling daredevil)!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Something in the water

This is my 3rd newborn session in a month - - wow...dare I ask what was in the water?
Just one for now of little Norah... I have to go and work on being a good mom.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A visionary - POW-WOW

Last week Matt asked if I wanted to join him for lunch - he was going to be receiving a little award. I said sure - found a babysitter and brought my camera to take a little picture...
He didn't tell me it was at the annual Chamber of Commerce meeting that was packed to the brim and overflowing with professionals (so glad I didn't show up wearing a velour track suit) or that he was selected as one of the 10 "Visionary" Young Professionals in Prescott (yes - there is a running family joke about his "vision" now...and yes there's actually an age limit - under 40 is considered to be "young" - 41? forget it - you're with the oldies).
I snapped a quick picture amongst all the newspaper camera crew - then made him come outside with me for one where he got to be the star - holding his cute little award :)
Afterwards...I hopped in the car and headed down to Gilbert to attend my first ever Cub Scout POW-WOW. That's right folks - you're looking at a bona-fied Den Leader. I think I was born to do this...Indy and I get to hang out once a week doing really bad "boy crafts" and playing good games.
I'll admit that it took me a few takes to get my picture...and I was busting up laughing again when I saw these images last night...but I was bound and determined to get a proper shot in my uniform because my inheritance is on the line (my mother informed me there was no inheritance but I'm not taking any chances - Jace is the only other one who owns a uniform so I think I'm safe :) And for those who "know" scouts - yes I had my sleeves altered (they were so stinkin' long!! I couldn't stand it) and then Adrienne asked how I was going to get all my badges on :) uhhh - woops! I found a way...but there isn't room for any more!!
**Okay I still can't look at this one without laughing**