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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Back to School...Back to School...

We had a mildly successful "back-to-school" day.  We started off the night before reviewing our "Banish the beatings with better back2school behavior" went off with a "bang".  We took our photos - I actually used my camera instead of my phone...I had a wonderful treat of ice cream waiting for the kids (and they didn't even have to shove spinach in their mouths to get it this time)...and I sat down to process my images and they went "poof" in a big I'm stuck with the remnants of my photo log (should've just used my dumb phone.)

Normally I wouldn't post such a gem photo...but like I said...we're stuck with remnants...

 Insert cute photo of Ella still sleeping...she slept till 9:45am.  No - summer did not wear her out...
Since I have no cute photo of my cute ice cream're left with one from the previous day...Ella earning her ice cream!
Here we come 2013-14!


Cristin said...

The way Ella is shoving that spinach in her mouth, it reminds me of a hot dog eating type challenge.

Rabid said...

Aside from the Christmas Card, I haven't seen anything from you since September! 2013! This is an official request for more, more, MORE!!!!