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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Harper - L.A. Newborn Photo Session

Our little "Hen".  Harper Elza Noble.  (The Elza comes from her great grandfather - so don't be callin her "elsa").  I prefer "Hen", it fits her.  She is perfect in every way.  

Why is it that all sessions in L.A. are happenin'?  Is it the location? the salty air? the people? The vintage vibe they have goin on always seems to work well with my camera.  I could've sat and hung out with these three all day...but since this babe was a whole 5 days old I figured her parents were tired so I tried to be quick.  

I snuck a little gem in this one above - upper sister-in-law has wonderful taste in artwork...

 Kinda strange seeing a little brother with a baby all his own.  Hen is the first of 3 to be born this summer - Court plopped the Noble name down on his progeny a whole month before his older brother gets to do the same... I'm just thrilled that we finally have another generation of Noble's to grace this earth.


Cristin said...

Yay for Court! What a beautiful baby!

David said...

Good stuff! Thanks Megan

The McEnaney's said...

She is beautiful! And I love that she has the painted portrait of the Nelson family...cracks me up!